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A nurse is like an angel helping patients to pass through the hardship of diseases

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A nurse is like an angel helping patients to pass through the hardship of diseases

On the occasion of the auspicious birth of Lady Zaynab al-Kubra (p.b.u.h.), which is called “Nurses Day” in Iran, publishes Imam Khamenei's statements about the important role of nurses on the physical and mental health of society.

A nurse plays the role of someone who revives and brings back to life

Nurses play a very important role in the health system of our country. In the absence of kind and caring nurses, the chances that treatment would be ineffective would be very high. Nurses are angel-like people who accompany patients through the long and difficult course of illnesses. Any of us who have suffered a severe illness or undergone a serious operation would testify to this reality. Nurses give life to their patients. That shows the importance of the role of nurses. I would like to advise our male and female nurses and our esteemed midwives to appreciate the value of their services. In fact, being a nurse is a great divine blessing. People should also treat nurses respectfully. Apr 29, 2009


Nursing is one of the most difficult jobs in terms of physical and mental pressures
Nursing is one of the most difficult tasks in terms of the mental and physical pressures that are exerted on a nurse. Sitting beside patients, being with them all the time, listening to their complaints, behaving towards them in a kind way, smiling at them and helping them - with one's actions, behaviour and hospitality - to forget about the pains that they feel during their treatment require iron patience. Nurses have such a condition. There are patients who are in great pain, who are losing hope of living and who have no access to anyone and anywhere - particularly, the children, those who suffer from a chronic disease and those who are receiving intensive care. Notice what a great pressure looking after such people exerts on one's soul, body and nerves. Notice what a great resource of patience, endurance, sacrifice, tolerance and good behaviour is necessary for nurses so that they are able to look after patients.

On the contrary, the behaviour of patients towards nurses is not always kind. Sometimes, they behave in a harsh way towards nurses. Besides patients, their relatives and those who visit them sometimes behave in a complaining and critical way if services are delayed a little bit. They sometimes behave harshly and they sometimes shout at nurses. Enduring such things is very difficult. The difficulty of nursing is not physical. This difficulty is not similar to working with a pickax or working in the difficult environment of a mine, but it is more difficult than such professions in terms of mental pressures.

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