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Poem on the auspicious birth of Imam Hasan (AS)

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Here we present you a poem on Imam Hasan (AS), by Iran’s English language poet, Dr. Hassan Najafi:





Your Name still charms this laggard age

And teaches to the envious, tolerance against rage,

In your love and guardianship is the world of soul

Where streams of peace and patience roll,

Miraculous your domain where wizard passions fly

And giant gigantic devilish follies die.

In your demeanour are discovered deposits of virtue,

Where life’s prospects come perfectly true,

The peace you made never showed its face

This is enough for the charlatan Muawiya’s disgrace.

What dynamic world views

In robe of peaceful calm contending hues

The one nourished on the thumb of the Prophet, I greet

And kiss the dust while walking kisses your feet.

You valued not what others thought of you

You did with all the courage what was necessary and due.

In you is hid heartfelt power of charm divine

Who can withstand your all commanding shine?

At your Name one moves with grace

Soul brought tears rolling down each face.

It is joy and endless bliss all around

Fatema, Ali, the Prophet are happy at the baby’s sound.

The cheerful fields resume their green attire

A heavenly body, Hasan is born what else the eyes require?

Your towering mind determined stood

Unmoved by friends’ betrayal your rectitude,

A thousand sorrows couldn’t urge your end,

Nor did you show to the enemy a least yielding bend.

Like an arch your patience stood

Its spring stores this resistance as a framed wood.

Long live your love

At which we glow

With which we go

Into our swift or slow

Graves, tomorrow to show

To God what we have and what you gave.

I your humble poet named in your honour as Hassan.

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