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Poem on the happy occassion of Eid

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Here we present you a poem composed on the occasion of Eid ul-Fitr

Behold! Eid ul-Fitr ushers in a new dawn

The icing to the cake of fasting Ramadhan

Reward for our month-long endeavours

This is how God grants the faithful favours,

Amid rejoicing we need to take stock of things,

To see whether happiness or grief the Eid brings,

As long as Muslims are divided

No Eid or a festivity to us is provided,

True festivity lies in unity

Greatest weapon is solidarity.

Islam is our identity

Based on the firm pedestal of fraternity,

Because of its dynamism, Islam attained eternity

It is no claim – but a manifest reality,

Glorious is our past

And the present glory will certainly last.

We see how nations flourished under Islamic rule

Spread the rays of knowledge in manner calm and cool,

All equal - in ease and happy

No complaint, no sorrow nor one sorry.

In Islam Eid is manifestation of unity

All share what all feel, hence all a single entity.

Let us do soul-searching to see what is short

And attend what Islam has taught,

Prophet Muhammad immortalized God’s laws,

Unlike manmade systems, the shari’ah is without flaws

So, let us celebrate Eid al-Fitr in its true spirit,

On the base of morality, with Muslim ranks tightly knit

As Imam Ali has informed us, indeed,

The day when we commit no sin is the real Eid

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