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Poem on the passing away of Prophet Mohammad (SAWA)

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On the onset of summer lingering blooms vanish

The smiling spring disappears as torrid sunrays brandish

Grief and calamities overtakes the Blessed Family,

A burning door awaits Fatema, a long isolation for Ali.

Fadak will be hijacked together with the caliphate

Smiles vengeance on the lips of enemies, while weeps fate,

The door of Zahra will bear the brunt

Shortly in flames it will be burnt.

Passing away of the Prophet weighs heavily

On each member of his family,

Hasan and Husain have lost their loving grandfather,

Poison awaits one, while for the second Karbala's slaughter

In the absence of belief, paganhood is revived,

In the guise of Islam, hypocrisy becomes the Arabs' pride.

Ill fares the land, to hastening ills a prey,

Where hypocrisy accumulates, beliefs decay,

Here as I take my solitary rounds

The Prophet not yet laid to rest, SAQIFA ruins the grounds.

It is yours to judge how wide the limits stand

No sooner the Prophet departed, turned thorny the land.

Proud swells the tide with loads of inimical lore

And shouting of folly leads them to Zahra's door.

O Prophet! They desecrated your daughter's threshold,

To force Ali to acknowledge the caliphate's illegal fold.

At Ghadeer your companions had pledged allegiance to Ali,

As vicegerent to your mission of years 'a score-plus-three",

They now usurped his rights in quest of political power,

Hurt your soul, incurred God's wrath, oblivious of the Hour,

They thus caused the greatest ever discord,

Unleashing seditious terrorism that today tears the Ummah's accord

No matter we the faithful, stand firmly beside you,

The Seal of Prophets with Islam's universal hue,

Awaiting the Mahdi your 12th and Last Heir,

To establish the global government of justice and a world free and fair.

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