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Make serious decisions for solving problems of banking system, liquidity, unemployment, and inflation

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Make serious decisions for solving problems of banking system, liquidity, unemployment, and inflation
Ayatollah Khamenei met with the heads of the three branches of power to discuss issues regarding economic issues, yesterday evening, October 10, 2018.

In this meeting which lasted more than two hours, Ayatollah Khamenei appreciated the efforts of the heads of the three branches and the members of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination for their active presence in the meetings and discussions and regarded the principle task of this council as major and leading decision making. He reiterated: “Solving the current economic problems of the country and attending to the needs of the people requires selfless work and extraordinary endeavouring, because these problems, in particular, inflation and reduction of purchasing power has extremely restricted the livelihood of a large number of the people, especially the underprivileged.”

The leader of the Islamic Revolution recommended the members of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination to make major and leading decisions with regard to the main issues and important economic challenges of the country and maintained: “In order to resolve some of the key economic issues like problems in the banking system, liquidity, unemployment, inflation and budgeting process, pragmatic and serious decisions must be made.”

He invited the three branches of power, especially the government to seek advice and solutions from concerned economic experts, and those active in the private sector, and said : Current conditions of the country has made the elites, and the considerate to feel responsible more than ever, and offer their services, knowledge, and expertise to the officials. So, seize this opportunity and fully benefit from recommendations by the academia and those active in the realm of economy.

Ayatollah Khamenei categorized the economic problems to "internal and structural challenges posed to the country's economy" and "the problems resulting from the cruel sanctions imposed by the United States". He asserted: When encountering internal and structural challenges of the country’s economy as well as issues arising from U.S.'s brutal sanctions, apply prudent solutions that would result in sustainable resolving of people’s livelihood problems and the enemy’s losing hope in sanctions’ effectiveness.
Emphasizing on the necessity of synergy among the three branches and other entities of the country, Ayatollah Khamenei reminded his audience: “There is no dead-end, nor any unresolvable problem in our country and we will certainly overcome internal and imposed problems— by the Grace of God and by nation’s and officials’ determination, as well as through benefiting from unique competencies of dear Iran’s powerful youth and intellectuals and activating country’s outstanding resources and potentials.”

In this meeting where the Vice President and the First Deputy Head of the Judiciary were present, the President of the country appreciated the cooperation of the heads of the parliament and the Judiciary. He then presented a report of the meetings held by the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination and the decisions made to resolve the problems of the people.
Moreover, some of the present audience expressed their views and opinions.

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