'Muslims power lies in their unity': Seminary instructor

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'Muslims power lies in their unity': Seminary instructor

Friday Prayer Leader of Tatar Aliya, Akhound Mohammad Jorjani  held unity as a factor in which the power of Muslims stands noting their weaknesses lie in their dispersion. "Believers through solidarity, empathy and compassion can get along well and help each other," underlined the religious cleric.

"For braving the standing challenges, hardships, and setbacks, convergence is imperative and required," pointed out the Sunni cleric spurring on Muslims to work in tandem against their common enemies.

Through unity and solidarity, according to the Dean of Nemani religious seminary, Muslims can gain momentum and get powerful in the World, and to this end, Akhound Mohammad Jorjani urged Muslims to rely on their own assets and resources.

In his line, via taking such steps and measures, overpowering enemies would not be out of reach and Muslims can make more gains against the extrimist groups.

To Akhound Mohammad Jorjani , the arrogant World and Zionism are after disintegrating Muslims countries so as to rule them and advance their willful objectives. Although Muslims beset by quite a few difficulties, they should never give up against their enemies.

The Sunni cleric sternly warned of dispersion pervading much of the World of Islam, its fallouts and also the existing distance and gap among the young generation and religious clerics in the current time.

Friday Prayer Leader of Tatar Aliya urges Muslims from all sects and denominations to abide by religious instructions, principles and teachings of holy Quran all of which command them to promote unity and proximity.

Akhound Mohammad Jorjani urged Muslims not be persnickety about minute issues, shunning any showdown leading to dispersion and providing the ground for enemies to follow their interests in Islamic countries.

Along with Akhound Mohammad Jorjani, religious leaders stress, Muslims should stop short of highlighting their minor differences and get united against their common enemies.

In their lines, accentuating problems, undoubtedly, impinge on Muslims progress in various realms, given that people in Islamic countries should not highlight inconsequential differences.

To them, the standing differences among Muslims are the least of Islamic World Problems.

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