West wants Iran dependent on western nuclear technology

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West wants Iran dependent on western nuclear technology

The hoarders of world science and technology always try to keep other countries dependent on their products, exclusively; as a result, they are upset and angry with scientific advancements of Iranian scientists, including Iran’s nuclear technology achievements. 

They say, for sake of appearance, that Iran must not create “nuclear weapons.” But what they truly mean is that Iran must not have their own rights to nuclear science or technological advancements, so it [Iran] always remains in need of the West’s advanced technologies. 

We have, frequently, said that we do not inherently desire nuclear weapons; because we do not believe that owning weapons of mass destruction brings about real power and authority. Instead, we hold that authority of a country depends on having a competent human force which maintains knowledge, spiritual belief, and perseverance: the Iranian nation pursues this goal. 

The Iranian nation expelled America [USA], who owned nuclear weapons, from Iran. The Palestinian people have made the Israeli regime, who owns nuclear weapons, frantic. Therefore, nuclear weapons do not guarantee authority or victory [over another country or people]. Besides, countries that claim they’re combatting the production, spread of nuclear weapons can be compared to a ruthless smuggler who claims to fight against smuggling.

Imam Khamenei, October 22, 2003

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