Why is the enemy afraid of Muslims' spirit of martyrdom?

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Why is the enemy afraid of Muslims' spirit of martyrdom?

God has created us free so that we can reach perfection by worshiping him. 

Humans can become the best servants.

People who are out of the orbit of humanity and away from human dignity and have found a bloodthirsty and aggressive temper, definitely cannot be on the path of improvement. 

In contrast to the bloodthirsty and aggressive nature of some people, people are divided into two groups, either there are people who accept this nature or they become people who take the path of resistance and standing. 

Those who submit to the aggressors sacrifice their humanity at the feet of the oppressors. 

Martyrs' zone is the logic of not being afraid, he said: The message of the martyrs to the enemies is that we are not people of fear, when the enemies know that the logic of the real Muslims nation is the logic of martyrdom and that they will not surrender to the oppressors, they will be successful. 

There is no place for a peaceful life with bullies in the region of Shahada, because the human dignity of the Muslims nation does not allow them to every thing they want.

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