Mossad scales back covert ops against Iran’s nuclear scientists: Report

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The Zionist regime intelligence agency, Mossad, has reportedly scaled back its covert operations against Iran's nuclear energy program, which include assassination of nuclear scientists.

According to Press TV, in a report published on March 30, the Time magazine quoted unnamed senior security officials as saying that, operations have been reduced in areas such as high-profile missions, including assassinations and bomb attacks.

They added that Mossad is also cutting back on such operations as recruiting nuclear spies, and gathering on-the-ground intelligence.

According to one official, the reduction in intelligence missions has caused “increasing dissatisfaction” inside Mossad.

Some official sources have attributed the reduction to Israeli regime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s reluctance as he is worried about the outcome of the operations being discovered.

The report added that the Iranian intelligence has already cracked a cell trained and equipped by the Mossad.

Western intelligence officials have confirmed that the detailed confession of Mossad agent, Majid Jamali Fashi, over the January 2010 assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Massoud Ali Mohammadi was genuine. They blame a third country for exposing the cell.

After the most recent murder of nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan in January, the United States “categorically” claimed that it had nothing to do with the assassination and issued a condemnation.

Experts, the report said, argue that with the Iranian nuclear issue at the forefront of the international agenda, an embarrassing operation can undo the global front Washington has assembled against Tehran.

Mark Fitzpatrick, a former State Department nuclear proliferation specialist who opposes the assassinations said, “It undercuts the consensus; the international consensus on [anti-Iran] sanctions.”

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