Leader emphasizes on Iran’s distrust toward the US

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The Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in an address to the 7th joint graduation ceremonies of the cadets of military academies of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army, on Saturday morning, emphasized his support for the diplomatic moves of the government, including the visit to New York.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution noted that he trusts the government and is optimistic toward the Iranian administration, while adding that meanwhile some of the developments in the New York visit were not appropriate, because we consider the US administration as untrustworthy, and illogical, and we believe that the US administration doesn’t deliver on its promises and maintains a superiority complex.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution pointed out that he trusts the country’s officials and has called on them to take solid steps with precision and consideration of all aspects, while not forgetting the national interests.

The Leader further referred to the pessimism and distrust of the sacred Islamic system toward the US, while adding that the US government is under the influence of Zionists and acts in line with the Zionists’ interests.

The remarks of the Leader of Islamic Revolution refer to the double standards that the US statesmen pursue in regard to Iran. A number of politicians believe that Washington makes use of the option of talks for two purposes. The first aspect is holding talks based on the recommendations of the politicians close to Barack Obama, who don’t believe as such in the US confrontation policy toward Iran. The other aspect of the US strategy in regard to holding talks with Iran is continuation of compliance with Zionist regime’s policies. For instance, one can refer to the US president, Barack Obama’s allegations in his meeting with the Zionist regime’s premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, which is in contrast to the US claims of commitment to the principle of talks and confidence-building measures. This is because when one talks about diplomacy and confidence-building; he cannot concurrently speak of the option of war against the other party being on the table, unless he pursues double standards.

Hence, in a general view, it can be said that the US continues to pursue its imperialistic strategies via different approaches. Meanwhile, President Hassan Rohani’s recent visit to New York, which was assessed as successful by the political circles, has caused more challenges for the US in its confrontation against Iran.

Emphasis on the Iranian nation’s steadfastness against pressures; insistence on Iranian nation’s inalienable nuclear rights; and application of energetic diplomacy at the UN General Assembly, concurrent with maintenance of the sacred Islamic system’s ideals and principled stances are some of the parameters that have today improved Iran’s status. A number of analysts believe that the hegemonic powers are deteriorating. However, one should not forget that the usage of soft power and economic war are prioritized in the domineering strategies of the world powers. For this reason, one should make use of diplomatic opportunities with heroic flexibility. Nonetheless, the threats and acts of sabotage of the enemies should not be underestimated because the US problem with Iran is not Iran’s nuclear issue. In fact, the US is hell-bent on pushing Iran toward placing aside its independent policy toward the US.

From this standpoint, the Leader of Islamic Revolution reminded the main factors that as of the victory of Islamic Revolution have protected the revolution and the Iranian nation and have been a source of progress for the Islamic Iran are focusing on the elevated ideals of the sacred Islamic system and national honor and dignity. Hence, all officials and the Iranian nation are duty-bound to defend national honor and identity.

The Leader of Islamic Revolution also noted that the Iranian nation never poses any threat against any other country. The Leader also referred to the repeated threats, leveled by the enemies of the Iranian nation, while emphasizing that all those, who use language of threats against Iran, should know that our response to any mischief against the Iranian nation would be tough and resolute.

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