Zionist regime premier loser of Gaza war

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Zionist regime premier loser of Gaza war

Isaac Herzog, head of Zionist regime’s Labor Party, which is one of the important parties of the Israeli regime, in his website, admitted that the Zionist regime has been the loser of Gaza war, while holding the Zionist regime premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, responsible for the humiliating failure of the Zionist entity.


Many of the Zionist regime’s politicians agree on the defeat of Israeli regime in this war.

With the establishment of truce in Gaza Strip and acceptance of the conditions set by Palestine Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, on removal of siege of Gaza Strip, the protests against the Zionist regime’s premier take new dimensions every day and the opposition parties in the Knesset are currently intent on toppling Netanyahu and Likud Party.

The leaders of the two leftist opposition parties in Knesset, the Labor and Meretz parties, believe that the faulty and ineffective policies of Netanyahu in waging Gaza war is the reason behind the humiliating defeat of the Israeli regime.

The chairwoman of the leftist Meretz Party in the Zionist regime’s Knesset, Zahava Gal-On, has lashed out at the remarks made by the Israeli regime premier on the victory in Gaza war, while noting that this war dealt a deadly blow against Zionist regime.

Concurrently, the chairman of the Labor Party in Knesset slammed the conduct of Netanyahu in the Gaza war and admitted that the Israeli regime’s Cabinet failed to manage the confrontation against Palestine Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas.

Based on the latest opinion polls in occupied Palestine, the majority of Zionists; especially the residents of Zionist settlements in the vicinity of Gaza Strip distrust the Israeli regime’s premier and believe that a crushing defeat was imposed on the Zionist regime’s army in Gaza war.

The resilient Palestinian people and Palestine Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas once again taught a lesson to Zionist regime’s ringleaders.

Many experts believe that the termination of Gaza war marks the end of the political life of Netanyahu and his radical and rightist cabinet.

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