Hijab in Islam

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Hijab in Islam

A very significant aspect of Islamic life is “modesty.” According to the Islamic application of the term, modesty is a state of self-restraint which helps us check our manners and appearance, and correct them when necessary.

This general principle is also the main source of Islamic dress code or “Hijab”  in Islam which has nowadays caused a lot of questions and contradictions both among Muslims and non-Muslims. 

Hijab in Islam, the Real Meaning

When talking about hijab in Islam, maybe the first thing that comes to your mind is women’s wearing a headscarf. But is it all that the word refers to? Does hijab also have something to do with our manner and behavior? Does it concern Muslim men as well as women?

You can read this article to find out what hijab in Islam is really all about.

Can I Convert to Islam and not Wear Hijab?

Well, hijab is an Islamic ruling which is also mentioned in the Quran [i]. And submission to God, of course, means that we should follow His advice even if –or especially when—it is not really easy for us to do so!

Still, if a woman, for example, thinks that she can preserve her modesty without wearing a headscarf and is not quite convinced to conform to the Islamic cover limits –we all have our failures or our personal ideas, don’t we?—it doesn't mean that she cannot be a Muslim, or that she will not receive God’s mercy!

You can read this article to find out if wearing hijab in Islam is actually a matter of choice!

Is Wearing Makeup and Jewelry Allowed in Islam?

Islam has stressed on cleanness and tidiness maybe more than any other religion in the world. But does Islamic dress code or hijab place any restrictions on wearing makeup or jewelry? Are there special occasions where Muslims are prohibited from or, to the contrary, prompted to make themselves up?

This article tries to answer your questions with regards to wearing make-up and jewelry.

Hijab in Islam and other Abrahamic Religions

Some people think that Hijab and its implications are only related to Islam and Muslims. Well, it’s not. It may be the case that the special form of Hijab which is used by Muslims has some differences with other religions.

Have a look at this article, If you want to know more about the history of Hijab and modesty in the Abrahamic religions before Islam.

Why Muslim Women Cover their Hairs?

Really, why would women cover their hair? Why don’t men do this? What is that they are hiding beneath this Hijab? What is the philosophy behind it?

Is it useful for Muslim women or men? Is it only related to appearance and observing some religious etiquette? This article provides answers to this questions based on Islamic sources. 

[i] Quran 24:30,31

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