Treatment of depression through prayer

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Treatment of depression through prayer

In the modern world, people have prosperity and comfort, but they do not have peace. Therefore, obtaining peace has become the main goal of man and he strives to obtain it. Sometimes people go through wrong ways to get peace, but the easiest and most reliable way to get peace is to connect with the creator of the universe. In prayer, we communicate with the creator of the universe, and this communication brings us peace. Not only the words of the prayer are divine and have a positive effect, but the movements of the prayer are also very relaxing, so God, who created man, orders man to pray because this prayer has an effect on his health.


  Improving blood flow by praying

Performing special movements and postures, such as bowing and prostration, which are performed during prayer, facilitate the flow of blood in the body, and while you bend your body forward to reach your forehead to everyone, the blood flows to the upper parts of the body, such as the cheeks. , eyes, etc.


The relationship between praying and reducing anger

As you know, worshiping God is the main goal of worship or prayer, and every common sense knows that it cannot be achieved with violence and anger, so before someone starts praying, preparations and measures such as eliminating anger and Think violence in your mind and heart.


Increasing positivity with prayer

Most of the people who are constantly praying and needing and doing it with the right principles are somehow more purposeful than other people because this feeling allows them to be optimistic and think positively and they see the world They look positively.

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