The Life of Lady Ome salameh

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In The Name of Allah the compassionate the Merciful

Her real name was Hend and she was the daughter of Omaieh ben Mogaireh ben Abd allah ben makhzoom .

Omar Reza kehaleh has described this lady in his valuable book “ Elam al nesa “ and says that there were different claims about her father’s name and it was said that Hend was the daughter of Sahl ben Moghaireh ben Abdollah ben Makhzoom or Hozaifah .Ebn saad claims that her father was Soheil zad al rakb ben Mogaireh and so her title was Zad al rakb .

She was very generous and in her journeys she used to set out the necessary provisions for her companions.

There are some different claims regarding her name. She was also called Remleh .Ebn Abd al Bar believes that her name was Hend and claims that some scholars have the same opinion. (elam al nesa Volume 5 pages 21and 22 )

Mother of Ome Salameh was Atekeh , daughter of Amer ben Rabieh ben Malek . Some scholars belive that Atekeh was the aunt of the holy prophet (pbuh)(ebn e Asir , alkamel fi altarikh volume 1 page 594 published in Beirut in 1497 A.H.)

Ome salameh was an honorable and thoughtful lady, she was grown up in a noble family and also was beautiful. She died in 63 A.H.and was 84 years old. Some scholars believe that she was 90 years old and died in 61 A.H.) She was borne about 20 years before hijrah( migration of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) and his followers from Makah to medina, which was recognized as the beginning to Hijri calendar ) and married with Abd allah ben Makhzoomi . When Islam was revealed, she embraced Islam together with her husband.

One of her opponents was her brother, who was killed in Ohod battle by Muslims. Since the tortures and hostility of polytheists was intolerable for this young couple, they migrated to Ethiopia accompanying other Muslim groups in the 5th year of besat (the appointment of the holy prophet Mohammad as the last messenger of the Almighty Allah ) ,but after a while they returned to Makah. They got their first child “Salameh “ in Ethiopia .they decided to migrate to Medina in the 13th year of besat. Bani Makhzoom caused some difficulties and did not permit her to go to Medina, but finally she succeeded to migrate and reached Medina.

Abu Salmeh was wounded in Ohod battle and martyred in the 4th year of Hijra . After his death, the first and the second caliph demanded to marry Ome Salameh , that was rejected., On the same year the Holy prophet (pbuh) offerd a suggestion to marry Ome Salameh and she accepted .

Ome Salameh was a noble and very beautiful lady , as much as the other wives of the holy prophet (pbuh), particularly( Ayesheh and Hafseh) were jealous about her .

Sources: Zahry , altabaghat al kobra Volume 8 page 94

- Belathery, al nesab al eshraf , Volume 1 page 190

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One day Ome Salameh asked the Holy Prophet (pbuh), why the name of men has been mentioned in migration program, but the name 0f women is missed. In response to this question The Almighty Allah revealed, verse no 195 in chapter Ale emran from the holy Quran.

Ome Salameh participated in Khaibar war and has declared her eagerness to be a man and take part in the war, then verse no 32 in Nisa chapter was descended to the holy prophet (pbuh).

Ome Salameh was among the tradition narrators from the holy prophet (pbuh) and Hazrat Fatima (a.s.) (beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) .She was severe opponent of moavieh and was at the same time a strong follower of Imam Ali (a.s.) (The first Imam of Shiite sect and successor of The Holy Prophet (pbuh) and used to remind the Ghadir Khom as a great and historical event .

Ome Salameh accompanied the Holy Prophet (pbuh) in many battle fields and also in the last pilgrim of the Holy Prophet. (pbuh).

During the 3 caliphs period (about 25 years) she used to advise them if necessary.

Ome Salameh always supported Imam Ali (a.s.) during Moavieh era .She wrote to him and emphasized that Imam Ali (a.s.) is beloved by The Almighty Allah and the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Be aware that if Ali (a.s.) is damned and bothered, then the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and the Almighty Allah become furious, (elam al nisa page 225).

Ome Salameh has narrated from the Holy Prophet (pbuh)” One who admires Imam Ali (a.s.) has already satisfied me and the Almighty Allah and if dislikes Ali (a.s.), obviously has disturbed me and The Almighty Allah.”

Ome Salameh claims that, Jibril informed the Holy Prophet (pbuh) that Imam Hussein (a.s.) will become martyred in Iraq. “The holy Prophet (pbuh) asked Jibril to show him the soil of Kerbela and Jibril offered a handful of the soil of Kerbela and Ome Salameh hold it in trust., the holy Prophet (pbuh ) reiterated that” you will notice that one day , this soil will be changed to blood. Then my grandson is killed.”Ome Salameh preserved the soil carefully and used to look at it every day and say, when you change to blood, it will be a great day.

In another narration, Ome Salameh said that :One day the Holy Prophet (pbuh) was crying ,I askrd the reason and he explained “ Just now Jibril Revealed that in future your followers will kill your grand son (Imam Hussein a.s.) in Karbala. “ Also she has narrated from the Holy Prophet (pbuh) that Imam Hussein (a.s.) will be killed in the year 60 A.H.

Abvab al managheb in Sonan Tarmazi narrates: One afternoon Ome Salameh was sleeping and dreamed the Holy prophet (pbuh) was crying and was in distressed condition and said that I am just Coming from the scene of martyrdom of Imam Hussein (a.s.) and Noticed the scene of martyrdom in Kerbela.

Tarmazi, reiterates that Ome Salameh referred to the soil of Kerbela

and noticed that it is changed to blood .

Ome Salameh was the last wife of the Holy Prophet (pbuh ) who passed

Away in 63 th year of hijrah and has witnessed the Ashura and martyrdom events in 61.and has mourned for Imam Hussein (a.s.)

Ome Salameh is buried in Baghi grave yard

Collection; Seyyed Abd al Hussein reis al sadat .

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