The Biography of Khadijeh

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The family biograghy

Khadijeh was born 15 years befor AmolFill and 68 years befor Hejrat in the Mecca.

Her father was Khavild ibn Asad ibn Abdolezi ibn ghasi. Asad ibn Abdolezi is her ancestor and one of the prominent members of Halfolfozul contract.  The forth Khavild`s ancestor who is the prophet Mohammad`s (PBUH) ancestor, is Ghasi ibn kolob.

Khavild`s ancestor is Abdolezi and the prophet Mohamad`s (PBUH) ancestor is Abdolmanaf that are brothers and Ghasi ibn kalab is their father. So, the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Khadijeh (S) were both Ghoraysh tribe and they had near relationship together.

Khavild was clever, magnanimous, generous and high-minded that be the Bani Sa`ad leader. His mother was Fatemeh bnt Zayede ibn Asam. Fatemeh`s mother was Halleh bnt Abdemanaf ibn ghasi who her third ancestor was the prophet Mohammad`s (PBUH) ancestor. Thus, according to her mother`s and father`s ancestor Khadijeh had got relationship with the prophet Mohammad and both of them were from Ghoraysh.

Khadijeh had got 5 brothers and 4 sisters.

Khadijeh`s brothers name:

1-     Avam ibn Khavild, with Safieh bnt Abdolmatlab who was the prophet Mohammad`s (PBUH) aunt got married. He had got 3 children who named, Zabir, Saeed and Abdolka`be. Mosa`b ibn Zabir and Abdollah ibn zobayr were Zabir`s children who were famous in Islam.


2-     Hezam ibn khavild who was killed in the Fajar that was in pagan state, (jaheliat). He had got two children who named Hakim ibn Hozam and khaled ibn Hzam.

3-     Nofel ibn Khalid, had got three children who named Varghe ibn nofel, Safun ibn nofel and Osud ibn nofel.

4-     Adi ibn khavild, who was not mentioned in histoty.

5-     Amroo ibn khavild, khavil`s wedding and proposal parties were held in his home.

Khadijeh `s sister`s names

1-     Haleh bnt khavild, she was khadijeh`s famous sister. After Hejrat she called to Islam and accepted it.

2-     Khalede bnt khavild. There is not any recorded information about her in the history.

3-     Roghaye ibn khavild. There is not any information about her too.

4-     Hend bnt khavild. Some people claimed she was the Haleh who was recorded her name in the story.

“Tahereh” was Khavild`s fifth sister`s name which mentioned in the history book. But indeed Thereh was Khadije`s name in pagan state. Khadijeh`s cousin was Varghe ibn Asad. He was scientist and monk who were in Allarab Island. He had got much information about divine books and he was one of the forth well-known worshippers in pagon state in the Arabia.

Varghe was against you idolatry and said to idolater Arabian:

I swear on God that you forgot Ebrahim`s religion. This lead you toward indirect way and worship these things that are not true, because these idols cannot hear or see. They are neither useful nor useless for you.

Ghoraysh tibe, search city by city and tried to recognize Ebrahim`s religion and be state on it. Search right religion and know the idols which you worship are not true.

Khadijeh`s before Islam

There is not much information about Khadijeh personality before Islam, but this a few information show that she was known as a wise, clever, director and intelligent woman.

Generosity, devotion, chastity, foresight, patience are her good moral characteristic that all historian claim this factor. Khadijeh did not be on effect of charming aspect of society and never be far from a good characteristic in spite of the fact that she was beautiful, rich and be on a good social position.

She obeyed religion affairs, moral tissues in the pagan and idolatry in Arabia. She believed divined book and unique God. She went to Mecca when commercial caravan went to the far cities and countries and Ebrahim`s God to help her to bless in commercial affairs.

She was known as a chaste, benevolent and personality so called her Tahere. There is a sentence about this matter and that is: people called her Tahereh because of her chaste.

Also, the title of Seyedeh Ghoraysh woman of Ghoraysh women on that time showed her magnificence position between people.

While Khadijeh was a successful merchant and tried to obtain more profit, but she always allocate part of her time to go to Mecca and on the other hand she always help the poor.

She prayed just God on that time which people did idolatry and pray handmade Gods and ridiculous stories were in all over the society. She learnt religion lesson from her cousin, Varghe ibn Nofel, who was one of the four worshippers on his time.

She held religion meeting on her home and invite some learned people and invited and listen to their advices with other women. She could recognize the prophet of lasting time and believed that finally he will appear to Hezan soon.

Her good personality and social manners caused many people like tribe`s leader and famous people such as Aghabeye ibn Abi Moeeet, Selat Abi Ahab, Abu Jahl and Abusofyan were asked her for marriage but she refused all of them.

Khadijeh`s children and husband before Islam

Khadijeh (S) had got 2 husbands and children before her marriage with prophet Mohammad (PBUH) According to the historian’s beliefs.

First husband 

Khadijeh got married to a person named Abi Hleh Alnabash ibn Zarareh Altamimi in adolescence and she had got two children named Hend and Haleh.

Abuhale pass away at the beginning of their life and inherited wealth for Khadijeh and their children.

Hend and Haleh came to live with prophet Mohammad (PBUH) after Khadijeh`s and prophet (PBUH) marriage and loved so much him.

Hend Abi Haleh understand prophet Mohammad`s (PBUH) prophetic mission and accepted Islam and immigrate to Medina with Mussulman`s departure, he took part in Badr and Ohod war.

He introduced himself that: I am best person because of my family.  My father is prophet Mohammad (PBUH), my brother is Ghasem, my sister is Fateme (S) and my mother is Khadijeh (S).

Hend ibn Abi Halleh was a good speaker and expressive. He had good talent to described things. It is announced that one day Imam Hssan (S) wanted him to described prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and he told him the best and complete descriptions of prophet Mohammad (PBHU). The origin of this matter mentioned in the different books and there are different explanations.

Haleh ibn abi Haleh was another khadijeh`s child that was prophet Mohammad paid attention to him very much.

Haleh after her mather, Khadijeh, got married. One day she went to see prophet Mohammad (PBUH). On that day he took rest at home and hear the Haleh`s voice. He sits up quickly and hugs her and shouts cheerfully: Haleh! Haleh! Haleh!

Second husband

Khadijeh got married with one of the Ghoraysh`s nobel, Atigh ibn Ayed ibn Abolah omar ibn Makhzum, after her husband`s death. She has got a girl named Hend.

Her life with Atigh was very short. After a few months Atigh pass away.

In many histories shows that Hend, Atigh`s girl get married to her cousin, Safi ibn Amieh ibn Ayed Almakhumi and had got one child. Mussulman called Khadije, Tahere, in pagan state, used this title to for Hend`s children too.

After Atigh`s death many Ghoraysh nobles and leaders asked Khadijeh for marriage but she refused them and decided did not get marry again and took care of her children.

  Although many historians claimed that Khadijeh had got two marriage befor her marriage with prophet Mohammad (PBUH). But in contrast many Shiite and Sunni such as Abolghasem Esmaeel ibn mohammad esfahani from Sunnite wise, Abolghasem kufi, Ahmad balazari, Elmol hoda, sayid Morteza in Shafi book and Sheykh toosi in Talkhis sshafi,   claimed that Khadijeh did not has husband when she got married to prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Some of those reasons are:

1-     Hadis ibn Abas said that, Khadijeh was 28 years old when got married to prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

2-     There is discussion between Khadijeh`s first and second husband`s name.

3-     There is discussion between Khadijeh`s children`s name and number.

4-     Her financial position does not allow her to married with persons who had not rich and famous.

5-     There is discussion about her age in marriage time.


Holy dream

Khadijeh and her friends went to Mecca for praying at midnight. Once she went for praying in Mecca, after praying, stood up in front of the Kaaba and began praying and went home at midnight. Her children went to sleep and she was very tired and went to sleep very soon.

She had a dream that night. She saw a sun that was look like a human and rise in the Mecca`s sky and moved smoothly toward her house. When it arrived in her house, stayed there and made light all over the world, for visiting the sky people came to her home.

She wake up amazed and search around herself. She did not see anything but her children. She washed her face and walked shortly and again went to sleep, but she did not see a dream again and remember her dream several times.

She knew that it was not a normal dream, and thought many times but she did not reach any reason for that and she could not go to sleep. She confused and saw all the time scene of sun rise look like a human, sun coming to her home, sun lighting to her home and people who came to her home for visiting that sun.

She wanted to see her cousin, Vrghe ibn nofel, and explain him this dream. Maybe it had got interpretation. She went to her cousin`s home hastily In the morning. She described everything that she saw in her dream. When she finished Varghe smiled and told her: Good tidings on you, if your dream came true the light`s prophecy came to your home, and all over the world became light.

She thought that how it could be possible. She thought for many times, and waiting for its interpretation. During this time when a suitor came for her, she contrasted him with her dream and when she did not see any similarity between them, she rejected him very politely. 


Introducing the lasting prophet to Khadijeh

According to the old custom, women got together in Rajab`s nights and held a celebration meeting and one of the learned person gave speech to them. Khadijeh arrived when one of the Jew`s lecturer started to lecture. During the lecture time prophet Mohammad pass Kaaba, when the lecturer see him, interrupt his speech said to women:

This young person who pass kaaba now will be lasting prophet, if you can be his wife do it without pause.

There was a tumult between women. Some of the laughed at lecturer, some of them mocked him, and some of them say bad thing to him. Khadijeh came back at home and thought a lot. Sometimes she remembered her dream and sometimes jew`s lecturer speech. There was a relation between Jew`s speech and her dream, she thought.

One day she sent her bondsmaid to call one divine learned. He came and Khadijeh asked him: How do you know Mohammad is prophet? The jew`s learned said: I saw his characteristics in Torat. It is wriiten in Torat that lasting prophet`s father and mother pass away while he is child, his ancestor and aunt took care of him and with a Gharaysh`s woman who is leader of tribe and is tthoughful among her family.

He said to her did not forget my words. After that read a poem about Mohammad (PBUH) and said again did not miss your chance of marriage to him, marry with him had lot of reward in world and future life.


The first cooperation`s prophet Mohamaad (PBUH) with Khadijeh

There was a strong droupht in Arabia when Prophet Mohammad was 25 years old. There was a problem for those people who were farmers. Ghoraysh`s leader, Abutaleb, had got many problem. Family member, people`s transportation and did not have enough income, made hard living for him.

Merchants made decision to held commercial caravan on that year and went to Sham. There was custom and that was every person who had enough capital buy goods and took part in caravan.

Those people who had not capital, borrow from capitalists, and limited his partnership and took part in caravan. Abutaleb said to prophet Mohammad (PBUH): my nephew, there is a hard situation, I am old and poor, I pass my lasting year of life, I wish you get married so I feel calm, but financial problems far away me from my wish and I really worry about you.

The commercial caravan gets organized soon and went to Sham. Khadijeh is Khavil`s daughter who is my relation, she is rich. Many people borrow her goods and capital and do commerce.

If you reference to her I am sure she help you. Buy goods with that capital and go to Sham by them. Maybe you get profit and solve some of our problem.

It was God`s fate that people just talked about prophet Mohammad`s (PBUH) truth and depositary and that cause called him “Honest Mohammad”. Khadijeh recruited honest people in her caravan, thus she hear about prophet Mohammad`s (PBUH) truth.

She hear about the hard situation of Abutaleb`s life and the conversation between he and prophet ``Mohammad (PBUH), so she sent a letter to prophet Mohamad (PBUH) and say: If you are ready for commerce, I will give you as many as money more than the others so that you can take part in my caravan.

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) told his uncle this matter. His uncle said: this is a good chance and does your best. It is better to go and talk with her.

Abutaleb, Abbas and some of the Manihashem`s people went to Khadijeh`s home. After welcoming them, Khadijeh`s said: welcome to my home, say everything you wish so that I will do it.

Abutaleb said: I came for asking something that has profit for you and it will increase your money`s bless. We want to borrow money for my nephew, so he does commerce. Khadijeh was happy to see Abutaleb and readiness of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for commerce. And said to them: it is good to know more than half of Ghoraysh`s capital and caravan`s good are belong to me, for this matter I need a person who is true like you for doing whatever according to his policy and do commerce.

Prophet Mommad said: I love traveling; I am ready to go to Sham for commerce. Khadijeh called two of her servants, Misare and Naseh, and said to them: Mohammad is my property trutee and he can do whatever that he wants with it. Listen to him and cooperate with him when he makes a decision, no one can talk to him neither in a bad way nor the right of protest.


Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)`s commercial travel for Khadijeh (S)

Prophet Mohammad and Naseh got ready for travelling. They moved toward Abtah till got the Ghoraysh`s caravan which went towards the Sham, after farewell. Many people got together for saying goodbye to their family in Abtah. Then the caravan started to move towards Sham.

After passing some house they arrived to a desert named Vadiolamvah, sky got cloudy and Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said to them: there will be heavy rain here so it is better to go to the summit and when the weather get sunny, continue our way, if we do not this we will miss all of our properties. Members of the caravan accepted this and stopped on one summit. On that moment, it started to heavy rain and after a few minutes, flood merged everywhere. Gharaysh caravan stayed there for four days; after the weather got sunny they moved and passed safety.

They arrived to a place called Illeh or Basri. On that place monks did pray many years. Among there was a monk who was more scientist and wiser, called Filgh ibn Younan ibn Abdolsalib. He read the lasting prophet`s characteristics in Torat. He knew that the lasting prophet will came from Hejaz and will travel with Sham`s commercial caravan. He saw a piece of cloud that was over caravan and along them, moved towards the Illeh or Basri.

Gharaysh caravan arrived at Basri. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) went towards a dry well, took some water, washed his hands and drank some water. He sat down at the bottom of the lifeless tree which was near there. The tree grew suddenly and prophet Mohammad (PBUH) prayed at its shade. Ghilgh asked caravan`s leader: who is the man that prayed at the bottom` tree? He said: he is a man of Ghoraysh and Mecca. Filgh said: I swear to God that just a prophet can be on that tree`s bottom. He told something about prophet`s characteristics and announced piece of news about his future`s duty.

Anyway, the caravan arrived at Sham. Its citizen went for buying Arabia`s goods. After some hours all of the goods were sell. But prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said to Meysare and the other members did not sell anything anymore today.

Next day, Sham`s citizen hear about this caravan and came for buying goods. all of the Ghoraysh`s goods were sell except prophet Mohammad (PBUH)`s goods.  He sold his goods next days with proper price and got more profit and came back to Mecca.

At first he went for praying in Kaaba, when he arrived in Mecca. Khadijeh and some women sat down in the yard and saw him who was prayed. There were two angels behind him; they could see those angels too. After praying he went to Khadijeh (S)`s home who was waiting for him. After his entrance he reporded the whole events to her with sweet voice and clear. And it was clear they earn unexpected more profit.

She told her servants paid as much as money to him in contrast to other`s salary. Then he said goodbye and went to Abutale`s home.


Meysare`s report to Khadijeh (S)

When prophet Mohammad (PBUH) went, Meysare came. Gave her a detailed report about a clouds movement and Filagh`s words, his expectation about him, growing tree and his attraction during the travel. He told to her word by word. Meysare`s report changed Khadijeh`s behavior and let him go because of his hopeful report. Then Khadijeh`s share Maysare`s speech with her cousin, Varghe ibn Nofel.

He said: if Meysare`s words are true, prophet Mohammad (PBUH) will be that prophet who is promise to this people. I read his characteristics in divine book.

She was sure that he was not like the others. So again she remembered her dream and that jew`s lecture.


Khadijeh`s (S) interest to prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

She was fall in love when she hear about prophet Mohammad`s (PBUH) honest, management, Meysare`s reports. She wanted to marry with him. But on that time it was normal that men asked for marriage. It has bad reaction if a woman asked man to marriage. She thought o lot, and searched for a way to show her interest to him. So she called Nafiseh, Manie`s daughter and asked her to went to prophet Mohammad`s (PBUH), talked about her interest and knew his goodness about her suggestion.

Nafieh saw him when he came back from Kaaba. After greeting asked him: why do you not get married?

He said: I am poor so how can I get married?

She thought and said: if I introduced someone to you who is like you in aspect of position, beauty and honor. She had got much profit; do you want to marry to her?

He said: who is she?

She said? Khadijeh

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said thoughtfully, I hear that many people asked her for marriage but she did not accepted, if she accepted me I did not have a problem. Nafise came back in a hurry, and told Khadijeh (S) about his interest and love.

Khadijeh (S) saw prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and said: because of our family relationship, your honor, depositary, good morals and truthfulness. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) told his uncle that they were interested in marriage. Abutaleb said to prophet Mohammad (PBUH): do not do that, you does not deserve Khadijeh. Abbas said to Abutaleb angrily: you are such a mean and evil-doing person, what an excuse can she makes about my nephew prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has got perfect appearance and excellent conscience. How can she know her-self higher than him? Because of her property or perfection, I swear God, if she wants marriage-portion I will give her as many as I do and sent it in order to do whatever she wants.

Abutaleb and his brother made decision, at first asked Khadijeh about her terms and conditions before doing anything. Safieh, prophet Mohammad`s aunt went to Khadijeh`s home and asked her directly in order to know her opinion.

When Khadijeh hear Safieh came to her home, went for welcoming her. When Safieh came in Khadijeh ordered her servants brought Safieh a good and delicious drinkable.

Safieh said to her: I do not come for eating; I just come to know is it true or not? Khadijeh said before asking her what you hear or not. She said: that is true, happiness is for that woman who is prophet`s Mohammad (PBUH) wife, because he is honorable. I realized his personality and magnificence. I make the most of living with him and I will pay my marriage-portion from my own wealth. Saifieh was happy because of her clear words and told her: I swear God you are right to love prophet Mohammad (PBUH), I have never seen such a love and sweet words in my whole life.

Safieh say goodbye and came back at home happily, all of the Banihashem`s leader got gathering. After entrance she explain them Khadijeh`s indescribable love and interest. All of Banihashem were happy, except Abulahab, who was jealous of prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Then they decided to ask for the Khadijeh`s proposal.


Marriage family

In the ninth year of Shavaal, 28 year befor Hejrat, (15 year befor Be`sat), Abutaleb wear his new clothes and Banihashem went towards a Amro ibn Sa`ad, Khadijeh`s uncle`s home that was suppose to held wedding party there. After welcoming, Abutaleb prayed and said good words about Mecca and prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Deceased sodugh and Sheik Kaliny read marriage contract and that was:

Thanks God who set us from Ebrahim and Esmaeel and built a holy place for us which is proper for piligrim. We are in the city where has got judge. My nephew Mohammad ibn Abdollah ibn Abdolmatlab is a man who is not equal to other Ghoraysh`s men.

He is higher than them; you cannot compare them together, though he is not rich. Financial matter is changing all the time and can be missing. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Khadijeh (S) loved each other. Her marriage portion, in cash or not are ready. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has got higher level and good position after reading marriage contract. They talked about marriage portion.

There are lots of things about the amount of marriage portion.

Ibn Abbas mentioned 12 Oughie, while ibn Hesham mentioned 20 Bekre in the Sire.

Omar ibn Asad, Khadijeh`s uncle wanted to tell something about marriage portion but he got stammer and could not say anything.

Abutaleb understand his opinion, said Khadijeh (S) and prophet Mohammad (PBUH) loved each other, we are getting gathering here to join them and asked her to marriage to prophet Mohammad (PBUH). After that Khadigeh (S) told his uncle, dear uncle maybe you has right to make decision in every aspect of my life but not in this matter. I do make it. And said to prophet Mohammad (PBUH): I will be your wife and I will pay my marriage portion from my own.

Abutaleb said to audience: you are witness that Khadijeh (S) accepted prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as a husband and do responsibility for marriage portion. Abujahl stood up and said angrily: it is shocked that women responsible men`s marriage portion. Abutaleb gat angrily stood on his feet and said: yes, if there is a man like my nephew, women with a valuable marriage portion, loved him. If they are like you do not get marriage without valuable marriage portion.

After determining the amount of marriage portion they celebrated wedding party and Khadijeh (S) became prophet Mohammad (PBUH)`s wife from that moment.the party finished, the guests went to their home. When Prophet Mohammad wanted to go with his uncle, Khadijeh (S) knew that he had not a home, said to him: come to your home, my home is yours, and I am your bondmaid. Told your uncle buy ten young camels, invited people in his home, after that came to live with us.

Abutalb do these actions and with this activity their wedding party finished.

Abdollah ibn Ghanam, one of the poets who took part on that ceremony, said congratulation to them in this way:

You will be lucky and get marriage with the best morals. Who is the man like prophet Mohammad (PBUH). He is a man that Jesus and Moses (S) say good things about him, divine books confess his prophecy. A person who is came from Btha`e (Mecca).


Khadijeh (S), the first Muscleman’s woman

Prophet Mohammad left home and society and went to Hara cave. He was forty that say goodbye from Khadijeh in Rajab month, and went for praying to Hara, he came back after many years praying. When he came in, he perspired from blushing, he got pale and shook and felt tired. Said to Khadijeh (S), covered me. She did it and he slept for many hours, he wake up suddenly and sat down.

She understood something happened, after he felt calm asked him: what happened?

He answered: when I go out from cave, I hear a voice that said to me: you are God`s prophet and I am a Jebreiel.

I saw my left, my right, and my back but there was nobody. When I raise up my head I saw him that was in man`s shape, said to me: you are God`s prophet and I am a Jebreiel.

Khadijeh (S) was happy because of this matter, as if she was waiting for it for many years. She said: you are God`s prophet, I confirm you, and I believe you.

When she said such a things, she accepted Islam religion. On that time, daybreak, magic, divination and many kinds of ridiculous stories were accepted. She accepted Islam religion without asking question and doubt, she was the first Mussulman`s woman, and known as a Mussulman`s mother in Islam.

 The Arab`s author said: Do you know a woman like Khadijeh (S) who with her fiery love and firm belief without any doubt accepted God`s invitation that started from Hara`e cave?

 Ali (A) arrived at home after a minute. When prophet Mohammad (PBUH) saw him invited him to accepted Islam and he accepted without doubt, so he became second`s  Mussluman in Islam religion.

In many historian books mentioned, when Ali (A) accepted it, prophet Mohammad (PBUH) laughed as his teeth were visible.

Zeyd ibn Harese accepted Islam as fourth person. After that Khadijeh invited her girls and all of them accepted it. So the first home which its members accepted Islam was Khadijeh`s (S) home.


Short point of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Khadijeh (S) life

They life style was very unique that has lots of good suggestions for Muslim’s life. Each of them is a best sample for organizing life and life continuation.  Some of them are:

Best recognition before marriage

They did not get married because of camel desire or financial motivation, just because of exact recognition that based on human and belief worthies. Although Khadijeh (S) knew him and hear about his good characteristics like Mecca`s people, but she search about him, and it was not enough for knowing just apparent characteristics and that famous things. When he took part in Khadijeh (S) `s commerce caravan, all of the servants were careful about his speech, behavior with inferiority people and his partners and his God`s belief.

So they did not pay attention to the parental characteristics, and got married after a exact recognition.

Classes distance has not effect

There was a high distance between them. Prophet Mohammad`s (PBUH) did not have financial facilities, and he was supported by his ancestor, Abdolmotaleb, and his uncle Abutaleb. He did not have good economic state. But Khadijeh (S) was one of the richest Arab woman and a famous merchant in the Mecca.

In spite of all that their life was based on belief and trust that their differences and classes distance did not cause pride and family differences. There was not negative effect on their life. It was full of respect, generosity, self denial and kindness.

Khadijeh (S) abandoned all of the possession and parental attachments. She gave all of her wealth to prophet Mohammad (PBUH) as a gift. So that he expended it to develop Islam and protect Muslims and replace it with love, interest and faithfulness to her husband.

Age’s difference has not effect

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was 25 and Khadijeh (S) was 40, when they got married. Khadijeh (S) was 15 years older than he that according to the modern society it must had bad effect on life now a day and cause lots of problems. But this matter did not have bad effect on their life and they were supportive and caused peace for each others.

Their love and confidence intensities cause the age changed his place to respect, honesty and faithfulness that as a result they could tolerate the hard problems.

Loving each other due to respect to the family

They were wise other than the other men and women on that time. They could made decision for themselves easily. Their wisdom and love did not cause to, forget the family respect, did not pay attention to them and made decision without them. Let their family to know about their love, and for celebrity party listen to their family advises.

They share their love and their marriage decision that based on customs and family position.

Some of those people that did not noticed to this matter because of transient fancy, without considered their family respect, and forget their costume for achieved their wishes, did not have successful life and soon or later feel regret. This matter cause spiritual worry and miss their peace soul and mind. At the end started to useless challenges, family dispute, intensify hatred, and missing family rest that cause another problem.

Having criterion for your spouse

Khadijeh (S) did not because of financial needs and social position and some privation tried to marry to prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Because some of rich people tried to marry with her, but she did not accepted them. She had got criteria and according to them chooses her husband.

Khadijeh addressed to prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and say her future husband`s criteria in this way: because of our relationship, your generosity and your depositary between people, good morals and truthiness I want married with you.

Mecca`s women spoke ironically to her and mocked her that why she got married with Abdollah`s orphan child< as a result, she said to them: do you a person better than prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in beneficence, good behave, acceptable character and honor in all over the Arab. The last point is that, the value of this choice gets visible when we know, Khadijeh (S) on that time has a perfect position in society and all the facilities were ready for her marriage with a famous young and rich people.

Do not be proud for each others

Khadijeh (S) did not mention to her capital and wealth during her life with prophet Mohammad (PBUH). Also prophet Mohammad (PBUH) never said a word that caused her to feel proud, they just talked about generosity and self denial. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) `S good behaved, perfect morals and prophecy never caused him to feel proud, Also Khadujeh`s wealth and perfect social position as well.

Bad words and speech does not have effect

After their marriage many women and men by telling bad word, speak allusively or with jealous words tried to bother them. They talked Sometimes about their age`s difference and Khadijeh`s capital and wealth that authorized to prophet Mohammad (PBUH), sometimes talked about his poverty. In spite of all that the base of this family was firm and never caused shaking this family. On the contrary their confidence got more and more and was supportive when faced difficulties and comforting each other.

To obey of your spouse

Khadijeh after accepting Islam, belief his husband with her heart and obey her husband`s directions, advices and speeches and carried out them. One of the most important things that caused prophet Mohammad (PBUH) loved her and she had such a respect that till she was alive he never get married and after her death he never forgot her and remembered her good nesses all the time.

He tried to keep their confidence and attempted to not bother her. For this reason when he was in seclusion in Hara`s cave, considered probable that she got worry, so sent Amara Yaser for delivered his massage:

Khadijeh, do not think I do not pay attention to you, my dear God ordered me to carried out his ordered. Do not think but good and happiness. God glories to his angels every day just because of you. When its dark close the door and go to sleep.

To respect prophet`s personality

Khadijeh in spite of her special social position on that society, was very humble in her speech and behavior, ad thought God gave her the honor of being prophet wife. She respected him during her life and never showed behave that presented immorality or feel superiority.

The good example for this issue is their weddings event.

When their party finished, prophet Mohammad (PBUH) wanted to went back to his uncles home, Khadijeh (S) told him: entrance to your home, my home is yours and I am your bondwoman. This respect is just for his belief`s to God.

In one of his worships that took 40 days, Khadijeh (S) was alone. This kind of absence may caused lots of problems at the first day of life, not only she protested but also cooperate with prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and helped him to do his duties as well. Her accompaniment and sympathy and her attempt to attract his satisfaction caused to say to him in precept time: I did not my best, forgive me. He said: I have never seen your fault; you do your best and get tired in my home.


Khadijeh`s wealth concerning Islam

Khadijeh (S) gave all of her facial to prophet Mohammad (PBUH) after their marriage till he spend it whatever he advisable.

Allame Majlesi (R) said: Khadijeh went to her uncle`s home, Vargh ibn Nofel, a few days after her marriage, said to him: take my properties and told prophet Mohammad (PBUH), these are Khadijeh properties that are gift for you, so spend it in every way that liked, forgive all of my workers.  

Varghe ibn nofel came to the Kaaba, and stood between Zamzam and Ebrahim place and shout:

Arabian you are witness that Khadijeh (S) forgive all of her properties to prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and he accepted them. Khadijeh does these because he loved him. You are her witnesses so give evidence of this matter.

He spent Khadijeh`s financial for developing Islam and to helped Muslims, never did commerce with them.

According to the historian`s confession Khadijeh`s properties were the most effective part to developing Islam.

In the difficult situation that Muslim in the Abotaleb Shoab were economic blocked, Khadijeh`s properties had noticeable effect on Muslim`s life.

She with her baby, Fatemeh (S) presented in Abitaleb Shoab , she to her relationship in Mecca in order to provided foods and Muslim`s needs and sent it for them but in a way that unbelievers did not understand.

Hakim ibn Hozam, her nephew, bought bread and date, fasten them to the camel`s back, send them for Muslim at night. Allameh Majlesi about this matter said: Abutaleb and Kadijeh (S) forgive all of their wealth to Islam.  Her action was equal to Ali`s (A) position. It was said that Islam developed just because of prophet good morals, Ali`s (A) struggle, Khadijeh`s wealth and generosity. Prophet always about good effect of Khadijeh`s wealth in Islam progress said: Khadijeh`s wealth were the most effective things for me than the other things.

Prophet paid many debtors’ debt with this wealth, and helps them to get free. He helped poor people and orphans.

Prophet said: she help me in God`s religion and with her wealth helped me.

Soleyman, the Arabian writer said: she forgave her wealth to prophet, but she did not think about forgiveness, she just thought that achieved guidance which was superior to the other things.


Ali (A) in Khadijeh`s house

The good relation that was between prophet and Ali (A) was higher than a normal relation.

Since when Ali (A) was born, prophet loved so much. When he was born, his mother brought him for prophet. Prophet hugged him and kissed him. Sometimes he sat beside his cradle and moved him to sleep. Some days took shower for him and pour milk to his mouse. Sometimes hugged him and spoke to him.   

Ibn Abi Hadid ibn Ali ibn Hossain said: on that time prophet made soft meat and date in order to make it easy to eat, then took it to Ali`s (AS) mouth. He was more interested to prophet when he got older. Prophet liked him as his brother or son. Ali (AS) mentioned to this matter and said: you, prophet`s partners, you know my relation with prophet and my high position for him, you know I grow up in his kind hug. He hugged me when I was a baby. I was supported by him, touched me, I smelled his good smell and feed me.

There was an bad drought after prophet`s marriage. Abutaleb, prophet`s uncle, was at the charge of the home, he was in difficult situation. Prophet talked to his uncle, Abbas, who was rich. They made agreement that every the Abutaleb`s child took care by them. As a result, Abbas took care of Jafar and prophet, Ali (AS).

Ali (AS) was 7 year old, the other said 10, when he went to Khadijeh`s house for living. She loved him and behaved him as a kind mother. She trusted him, attempted to train him, tried to learn him good behave. She did her best. He was a baby when entered in prophet`s house. Prophet took care of him, and trained him just as he liked. Since then Ali (AS) spent his time with prophet, and made the most of his perfect morals and excellent personality.

About this matter Ali (AS) said: I follow him such a fade, every day he made clear one of his good morals, I prayed back of him. Some days he went to Haraa and I just watch him, there was nobody there but me. On that time just prophet accepted Islam, Khadijeh (S) and me. I saw the light of prophecy and smell it.

He said about his presence with prophet and its effect:

I prayed with prophet before people and I was the first one to pray with him.

The most painful and the harder part of prophet life was started with public announcement of prophecy. In this situation specially the first year of Be`sat, Khadijeh (S) and Ali (AS) were in a trouble and sometimes they felt hearing danger of prophet death, but they were always prophet followers and accepted all of danger with their heart.

Tabari said in his history: one day prophet went to the Safa Mountain in pilgrimage to Mecca, and addressed people while shout at them.

People I am God`s prophet.

Then he went to the Marveh Mountain and repeated his sentence tree times. Ignorant took stones and follow prophet. Abulahab took a stone, fellow prophet, throw it towards prophet and wounded prophet`s forehead. Prophet went to Abughabis Mountain and ignorant fellow him.

One person told Ali (AS) that prophet was killed. He cried, went to Khadijeh`s home in a hurry and said this horrible news. She got sad, could not control herself and cried. They searched everywhere to find prophet while crying. On that moment Gabriel told prophet that: All the Angels get upset because of Khadijeh`s sorrow, say God`s hello to her and tell her one house that covered with light in heaven is prepared for you.

While they were searching for him, found him with bloody face. They took him at home. Ghoraysh unbeliever understood that prophet with Khadijeh and Ali`s help went to the home. Moved towards her home and throw stone to her home. She went out and told them: Have you no shame? You shower of stones a house of best woman in your trible. Do not you fear God? After her speech unbeliever felt shame and went. On that time prophet delivered Gabriel`s massage to her.

Khadojeh, Gabriel said: say God`s hello to Khadijeh. She replied: Best regards for God, his prophet and Gabriel.


Prophet`s children from Khadijeh (S)

There are many different opinion about the number of prophet`s children from Khadijeh (S). It is said that prophet had got six children, 2 boys and 4 girls. The boy’s names in order were: Ghasem and Abdollah that were known Tayeb and Taher. The girls name was: Zeynab, Roghayeh and fatemey marzieh (S). There are different opinions about the number of them but all of the historians are agree that, all of the prophet`s children excepted Ebrahim who was from Marrieh Ghabtieh, the rest were belonged to the Khadijeh.

Prophet`s children adventure are in order:

1-     Ghasem was the first prophet`s child. He was born in Mecca. After his born prophet was kown as Abolghasem, (It means Ghasem`s father). He pass away at 17 month of his life im Mecca and he was bury in Hejun`s cemetery. In Yaghubi history it is said that when Ghasem pass away, prophet look at one of the mountain around Mecca while stood beside Ghasem`s body, addressed it and said: If you were me and tolerate this sorrow, you will be decompose.

Khadijeh (S) was sad because of her baby`s death. Prophet told her: Ghasem will finish his breast fed period in heaven. She felt calm with this word.

2-     Abdollah was born before Be`sat and was known, Tayeb and Taher. He pass away 30 days after Ghasem`s death in Mecca. After Abdollah`s death, As ibn vaele Sahmi called prophet the worst. As a result of this unjust abuse, Kosar verse was created.

3-     Zeynab was the first daughter of prophet and Khadijeh child. She got married with Abol As ibn Rabee, the Khadijeh`s nephew.

They had got a boy got named Ali and a girl named Emameh. Ali passed away at first year of his life. Emameh got married with Moghayr ibn Nofel and divorced after a period of time.

Emameh got married with Ali (AS) after Fatemeh (S) `s death. Zeynab stayed in Mecca with his husband, Abol As, after prophet`s hegira. Abol As took part in unbeliever army at the second year of higira. He was captive with 70 people by Islam army. 

When it was supposed to made free captives with pay ransom, zeynab sent her necklace that Khadijeh (S) gave her at her wedding party to, the Medina, as her husband got free. Abol As took it for prophet. Prophet remembered his devoted wife, and cried without purpose. Then said: God bless Khadijeh, this is a necklace that Khadijeh gave it to Zeynab.

Prophet accepted Abulas`s freedom if he did not ignored Zeynab`s entrance to Medina. Abol As accepted this condition, and was faithful to his promise and sent Zeynab with Zeyd ibn Harese to Medina.

Finally Abol As accepted Islam after opening Mecca, came to the Medina as got married with Zeynab. She moved toward Medina while she was pregnant with the others. During passing one rock she fall down, as a result of injuries pass away. Her body was transferred to the Medina and some people cried over her body. Omar wanted to beat them, prophet did not allow him. Bury her body to Medina, after washing her body.

4-     Roghaye was the second prophet and Khadijeh`s daughter but there is not any information about her.

5-     Ome kolsum was the third daughter that had got hard life.

Roghayeh and Ome kolsum got married with Abilahab and his wife, Ome jamil`s will to the Atibe and Atbe, who were Abi lahab children. They got married according to the Abutaleb`s intercession. Khadijeh (S) knew about Ome Jmil and his child`s bad tempered but because prophet`s respect did not say anything.

Prophet announced people for accepting Islam after his prophecy was revealed. As a result Atibe and Atbe divorced from Ome Kolsum and Roghayeh according to their mother`s order till they came back to their father`s home to cause more difficulties for prophet. They came back to the hom, prophet and Khadijeh(S) went to meet them. After a while Osman ibn Ofan got married with Roghayeh.

6-     Fatemeh (S) was the younger and the last prophet and Khadijeh (S) `s child. Apparently she was worn 5 years befor Be`sat in Mecca.


Fatemeh`s birthday

in the fifth year of Be`sat Gabriel said to prophet: God say best regards to you, and said do not have a relation with Khadijeh (S) for 40 days. As a result prophet did not go home for 40 days. Prophet did fast in days and prayed at night. He called Amar to delivered a massage to Khadijeh, that was: Khadijeh I did not came home because of God`s order, I will come back as long as the God`s promise finish. I stay at Fatemeh bnt Asad`s home.

When 40 days finished, Gabriel sent prophet food and said: eat it and go home.

Prophet ate food that was a bunch of grape, a cluster of date and a bottle of heaven’s water. Then he went home. Khadijeh thought that her baby was different in every aspect.

When the childbirth time came, Khadijeh (S) felt alone because she needed help. She looked around but nobody was there. She was worry and looked for somebody came. 4 women entered home, they were long. At first she feared but they said: do not fear, we are God`s messenger, we are here for helping you. Then one by one introduced themselves for her.

One of them said: I am Ebrahime Khalil`s wife, the next said: I am Pharaoh`s wife, the next said: I am virgin Maryam, and the last said: I am Safura, Ebrahime Khalil`s sister.

After a while she gave birth to her child. Prophet invited poor people and gave food to them. He called his chiled Fatemeh(S). He loved her so much and said good things about her perfect personality.


The first public prayed

2 days after delivering Gabriel massage to Prophet in the Be`sat day, once again Gabriel came delivered the prayed producing to him.  

Ebn Asir wrote in Alkamel fi Altarikh that: First things God necessitate in Islam Sharia were: confess to unification, be away from worship the idols and pray. When necessities of praying was revealed, prophet in one of the Mecca`s place said to people that Gabriel came to him and there was a spring which ablutions. Prophet watched him that how to ablutions, prophet did the same. Then Gabriel and prophet prayed. When it finished prophet went home and taught Khadijeh (S) how to pray. That devoted lady ablution like prophet and prayed with prophet. Then Ali (AS) came home, ablution and learned from prophet how to pray. Then whenever prophet prayed, Khadijeh (S) and Ali (AS) did the same. Sometimes they prayed in front of kaaba, idols looked them surprised and wondered.

Abdollah ibn Masod said one of his observations about Khadijeh (S) and Ali (AS) when no one yet accepted Islam:

First thing that I understood of Islam was that we entered in Mecca with my uncles and some of the tribe members. Abas ibn Abdolmotaleb was introduced to us, because we wanted to by perfume. He sat down above Zamzam well, beside the kaaba. I went there and sat behind him. We were talking that we saw a man who wore white clothe with bushy beard and hair, his teeth were white, his face shone like moon, entered from Safa door in the Sacred Mosque. There was a young man on the right side of him and a woman behind him. They went forward the Hajarl Asvad. First the man touched the Hajarl Asvad, then the young man and woman. They were doing circumambulation of the Kaaba. When they did this action for seventh time, they stood beside the Abraham`s stone and prayed. He held his hand up beside his ear at the time of Takbir, whenever he was bowing; the young and woman did after him, whenever he stood up they did so, whenever he went to prostrate they did so.

I told Abas ibn Abdol Motaleb: this is strong. Abas said: do you know that man? I said: No, I do not.

He said: He is my nephew, Mohammad ibn Abdo llah ibn Abdol Motaleb. Then said: Do you know that young woman? I sad: No.

He said: He was my nephew, Ali ibn Abi Taleb. Agan asked: Do you know that woman? I replied: No.

He said: she was Khadijeh bnt Khavild, prophet`s wife. Prophet told me: The universe God raised her to this religious and just these three person accepted Islam all over the world.


Khadijeh (S) `s worries about Fatemeh (S)`s future

Khadijeh (S) was in hospitalization beacused her days were numbered. One day Asmae bnt Amis came to visit her. She saw Khadijeh (S) who was worry and uneasy. Amae told her: you are one the best woman in the world, you gave all of your wealth on God`s way, you are the prophet wife, he announced you for intering to heaven several times, all of this, Are you concerned again?

Khadijeh (S) said: I am worry about Fatemeh (S), she will need mother at the time of her marriage, and I fear I dead and there was no one to be kind of her like mother.

Asmae bnt Amis said: My lady! Do not worry, I will promise, if so then I was alive, instead you, I will be like mother for her, and will provide for her everything that she needs.

After Khadijeh (S) death, on Fatemeh (S) marriage night, prophet said: leave the groom room. They left there, but he understood Asmae bnt Amis was still there. He said: do not tell I you leave the room?

She answered: Yes, I hear you, I do not want to against with your order, but my promise to Khadijeh (S) caused me stayed, because I promised her, will not leave her alone. After her speech, prophet cried and preyed about her.


Khadijeh`s private life 

Her way of living was the most successful and exclusive way that can be complete sample for modern living. She belief prophet with all her heart and loved him so much. Her love was not just for her first day of common life. The more time that passed, they were more interested to each others. Sample lady of Islam with her behavior was able to change her family environment to comfort and relaxation environment. Every thing she used to amplify this goal. She not only gave her wealth to prophet, but also her kindness, affection, comfort, relaxation and all body and soul, without any grace.

Khadijeh (S) loved those things which prophet loved, wanted something which her husband wanted. She loved her husband with all body and soul, she know him as the more complete and noblest in all over the world that God gave her a chance of being his wife.

The heavenly spouse was far away from any sensitivity and suspicion that cause destroyed her life comfort, instead she believed her husband completely. As an example, long time had elapsed since their marriage that prophet left home and went to the Hara cave as praying. She did never complaint about his absence; she prepared food every day, and brought for him, Ali (AS) did it.

After prophet selection for prophecy, idols’ jealousy, opposition and any types of abuse and harassment were began. But Khadijeh (S) was sympathetic to him, took care of him, and made him felt calm.

One day he came home and covered his face with his hands, she ran toward him with anxiety, put his hands away, and saw the trace of cuff on his face and suddenly cried.

Khadijeh (S) asked him, why are you crying?

Prophet answered, for people’s misdirection.

Khadijeh (S) stood up in front of the house, she saw Hamzeh who returned from hunting. Asked him immediately, you were going to the hunting, people cuff your nephew, and there was no one to support him.

Hamzeh got angrily and said: I will never be calm, unless I take his revenge. Then he stood up in front of the Kaaba`s door, shouted: O people of Mecca! Know that I accepted Islam, if you bother him I will fight with you.

Prophet in one of his Hadith said: there was no prophet who being bothered but me. In spite all of this, a good partner on that difficult situation was Khadijeh (S). She loved prophet with all heart, this great lady show her love to her husband in different way. In one of his poetry she showed her love in this way:

If I have all of the world wealth and reign of kings, their properties were mine; from my point of view it does not have any value on that time which I cannot see you.

As Soleyman Katani said: Khadijeh (S) gave prophet her kindness and love, but in contrary she received prophet`s happiness.


Khadijeh (S) `s politeness

Because of her deep conviction, nobility, social personality, politeness in speech and made respect to others were mixed with her personality. She behaved politely with neighbors, workers and merchants.  All of historian said that she never behaved impolitely.

During their mutual life, because of her correct perception and deep understanding of prophet`s prophecy, she gave him great respect. One day she invited the Ghoraysh`s honest person, understood prophet personality and his perfect position, said to her workers: I selected honest person for my properties, a person who is honest and there was no one like him. If he decided to sell something, no one can abstract him. If he decided to sell nothing, no one can order him. You have to do respect and obey him.

When she gave the marriage suggestion to him, she saw her husband was poor, said to him: I swear to God, if you do not have ant capital, I have. I am your wife so all of my wealth, workers are for you as well. I will obey your orders.

In wedding party when people went home one by one, prophet like others wanted to return to his uncle Abutaleb home, she said to him: entered to my home, my home is yours, my workers are yours too.

I obey your orders. Khadijeh (S) on her last moment of her life, while prophet sat dawn beside her, addressed him: I did not do my duty completely, forgive me.

Prophet answered: I did never see your fault, you did your best, and you got tired in my life.

She was polite to oppositions and enemies’ bothers. Ome jamil, Abulahab`s Wife, was her neighbor, she did not any hesitate any kind of abuse on their right. Khadijeh (S) never being impolite toward her.


Generosity and forgiveness of Khadijeh (S)  

She was the most forgiveness woman on that time. Before Islam, her home was the good place for poor people. She paid attention to people around her, and help them in different excuses. She invited those merchants who have not enough capital for doing commerce, and gave her some part of her capital to them.

On her first day of common life she gave all of her capital to prophet, as to spend it for Islam in whatever he realized.  

Now take some of his forgiveness into consideration:

1-     There was a young man called Zeyd, from Kalb tribe who was captured by bandits. Khadijeh (S) `s nephew, Hakim ibn Hozam, in Akaz market bought and gave him to her. Prophet loved Zeyd so much, she knew about his love to him gave it to prophet as a gift. Prophet made him free and made his partner. Since then he was called prophet`s step-child.

2-     one day prophet was at home and talking to Khadijeh (S). it was announced that Halimeh bnt Abdollah Saedieh came. Prophet felt happy when he heard she came. Khadijeh (S) went to meet her. When she entered prophet said happily: my mom, my mom, my mom. Then stood up, flatten his cloak under her foot; kneel down in front of her, as he behaved and talked as if she was Ameneh bnt Vahab who came for visiting him. Prophet asked her about her living condition and her tribal people situation. She answered: they have got difficult situation, there is a severe drought and desert get dry.

Prophet said this issue to Khadijeh (S). This devoted lady gave her forty camel and sheep. She returned home happily. After Islam, she and her husband came to Mecca and accepted Islam.

3-     Abulahab`s bondwoman, subieh, was the first woman who fostered prophet after his mother’s death. Prophet loved her so much and respected her. Khadijeh (S) knew about his interested to Subie so wanted Abulahab sold Sobieh to her then she make her free. But he did not do this. She was disappointed about her sale; she wanted to make prophet happy so that she paid more attention to Sobieh and did not any hesitation toward her.


Khadijeh (S) patience

During their twenty-five years were the hardest and the more difficult period for them. Their early day of life was the coincidence of the prophet`s Beasat, hidden Islam, hidden Muslims and Islamic practices. After making Islam and Muslims presence public, they faced different kind of harassment and torture of Mecca idols.

After that three years exile and blockade of Muslims in Sha`abe Abi Taleb was happened. Khadijeh (S) tolerated these difficult situations and always was by prophet side.

After their marriage, woman cut their relation with her and did not answer her. Abulahab`s wife, Ome Jamil, who was her near neighbor, bothered her so much, throw her dust and rock and prevented her movement. In spite of all of this, she tolerated and never complained.

When she gave birth to her children, that were two sons, one after the other passed away. But she tolerated this mourning and never complaint to prophet.

Another aspect of her toleration was that, Atbeh and Atibe, Abulahab`s children divorced their wives, Ome kolsum and Roghaye that were Khadijeh`s daughters and evicted them of house for ever. Both of them came back to home. Khadijeh (S) accepted them happily and said about people`s harassment: certainly God knows every things.

After a while Roghayeh got married again. Sometime later idols harassments caused Roghayeh with their family and some of the Muslims emigrate to Habasheh. Khadijeh (S) was looking forward her daughter.

Another aspect of her toleration was that in fifth year of Beasat she was alone when she wanted to give birth to her child, Fatemeh(S). Mecca woman left her alone and sent her massages that “we are opposing to you because you get married to Abutaleb orphan, we never help you.” On that situation no one visited she and no one ask her status. In her difficult life that was full of idol`s suffering and harassments, she was just tolerated, never said a words that cause prophet`s concern and never complained.

Because of Khadijeh`s toleration, on that night which Fatemeh (S) was born, God did not left her alone so that sent superior women, Safura, Maryam and Sare to help her. Her majesty sufficient was that the most superior world woman was born, and all Imams were from her generation.


Khadijeh`s cleverness  

He is one of the few intelligent, clever and Insight women that on ignorance social have got personal and social position which no one can have. She was a famous merchant on her time. She had got many relations in different places, eight thousand camels that she was training in every region, inside and outside of the Arabia and she had got capital in Egypt and Abyssinia. Mange this huge wealth when there was no rights for women, no one realized the position of them and they could not presence in the society, presents genies and cleverness of Khadijeh (S) that made her superior from men and women of her time.

Her genies to realize, use and attraction of honest and professional people, ability of commerce with famous merchants, having efficient management in maintaining and growing her great capital presented her strong management.

She was the only person, who understood prophet greatness of character and with reflection on his mental and psychological characteristics, realized perfect character and good future of prophet.  

That great lady on ignorance and idolatry period, with her exact knowledge, obtain prophet apocalypse`s characteristics, identified the sign of prophet apocalypse`s coming. With her exact understanding of prophet Mohammad (PBUH), selected him as her husband. After Islam and prophet selection she was the first one who accepted prophet apocalypse.

Her married practices, how raising children, dealing with neighbors, new Muslims or even idols, made her perfect. When she passed away, prophet admired her.

Her cleverness in housekeeping and behavior and communication skills caused kept together Ali (A) on Zeyd ibn Harese`s side, slave and prophet step-child, his ex-wives children and his children.


Khadijeh (S) `s house

Her house was such a hose which accrued developments and events bittersweet on it. It was one of the most important Muslim`s historical and religious centers. Muslims paid more attention and visited it.

At their first day of their life Khadijeh (S) gave it to prophet. From there the Islam appeared and spreader all over the world. Many companions visited prophet on Khadijeh`s house and after his speech accepted Islam such as Ali (AS), Zeyd ibn Harese, all of his daughters,  Ababakr, Zabir ibn Avam, Abuzar ghafari and Osman ibn Mazoun.

One day Osman ibn Mazoun, passed Khadijeh`s house and saw prophet. Prophet invited him at home. On that moment Gabriel was revealed. Prophet was learning Quran verses; he was unaware of Osman ibn Mazoun for a moment. Sweat poured from his face, he seemed tired. When verses revelation was finished he got better.

What happened? Oman asked.

When you sat down, Gabriel revealed. Prophet answered.

What did he say? Osman said.

God ordered to justice and charity, forgiveness to the close family, prohibited the prostitution, denying and oppression. God advised you maybe you noted.

When Osman hear these verses, accepted Islam and was his near partner later.

Asbagh ibn Nabate said: I was in Ali (AS) presence on Friday afternoon; a man who was tall, named Savad ibn Ghareb came to him. He said after their speeches: I was riding a camel in Yemen toward Mecca. The first person that I met was Abusofyan. I say hello to her and asked about Ghoraysh family.

There was not any problem; just Abutaleb orphan corrupted our religion. I said.

What is his name? I asked.

Mohammad. He answered.

Where is he? I asked.

He got married to Khadijeh, Khavild`s daughter. He is in her house. He replied.

I went toward the Khadijeh (S) house and knocked.

When I entered, I saw his luminous face and I accepted his prophecy. After saying goodbye I returned to Yemen.

Khadijeh (S)`s house was the birth place of the most superior and the most virtue lady, it means, Fatemeh (S). her birth`s night the most superior women of the world entered the home and helped Khadijeh (S).

Prophet after receiving God massages and after selection to prophecy, while he shacked, got pale, entered home in case of bore and said Khadijeh (S): covered me with fabric.

She prepared bed and covered him with fabric. After a short rest, Gabriel entered home again and the verse of Ya Ayohal Mozamel was revealed. Prophet stood up and went for doing his mission. After revealing the verse of “And warn your tribe and near Kinsmen”, prophet assigned Ali (AS) to invited Banihashem to accepted Islam. Bout forty people of Banihashem got gathering in Khadijeh`s house. She prepared for the many foods. Prophet officially announced his prophecy and invited Banihashem as follow him. That meeting did not continued because of Abulahab harassments and Banihashem went back one by one. Prophet did not got his goal so hold another meeting and introduced Ali (AS) as his successor and minister. 

As some historian said, prophet went to ascension on Khadijeh`s house.

Idols blockade Khadijeh (S)`s house on Laylato Mobit and wanted to murder prophet but he left home and Ali (AS) slept on his bed.

After prophet emigration to Medina, Aghil who was the nearest prophet partner was in Mecca, he did not wanted to being home surrounded by idols so he inhabited there. Muslims in all over the world paid more attention to keeping prophet house, repaired it ever year and tried to maintaining it.

Naraghi, the researcher about Khadijeh`s house said: there are another noble and virtuous places in Mecca excepted Arafat and Hatim. One of these kinds of houses is Khadijeh (S) house. This house was revelation house, Fatemeh (S) `s birth place, the best woman in the world. Her house was located in Sogh Sabaghin on the right of who went to Marve from Safa. This house is on the dome, next to the Sacred Mosque. It is suggested go there, pray and asked God your wishes.

Taghi din fasi hassani, Mecca historian, said from Moheb Tabari, Aljame Teyf writer after telling some Khadijeh (S) house`s features: this house is the more virtue places in Mecca after Sacred Mosque.

Ebn Batuteh, famous tourist said: The best place near Sacred Mosque is Ghobol Vahy, which is Khadijeh (S), the Muslims mother.

Sheykh Morteza Ansari (RA) wrote in his Hajj ritual: It is suggested pilgrims visited Khadijeh (S) house as well.

Unfortunately this house like the other monuments were destructed and eliminated by governance of Wahhabis in Hijaz.

With Muslims`s time to time protestations, Mecca mayor had to built a school for keeping Quran. It was destroyed and turned to amenities services.


Khadijeh (S) on Quran

Some verses are revealed in Quran to telling attributions and some of women position such as Khadijeh (S). Ibn Shahr Ashub said about this matter: Quran talk about 12 women such as:

1-     About Eve, Adam`s wife

2-     Noah and Lot`s wives

3-     Pharaoh`s wife

4-     Abraham`s wife

5-     Zechariah`s wife

6-     Zoleykha Egypt's wife

7-     Ayoob`s wife

8-     About Sheba

9-     Shoaib`s daughters

10-   Aisha and Hafseh

11-   About Khadijeh (S)

12-   Fatemeh (S)

Some characteristics are mentioned for women:

1-     Repentance for Adam`s wife

2-     Happiness and hope for Pharaoh`s wife

3-     Party for Abraham’s wife, Sareh

4-     Wise for Sheba

5-     Modesty for Moses wife (Shoaib`s daughter)

6-     Forgiveness for Khadijeh (S)

7-     Advices for Ayasheh and Hafse

8-     Chastity for Fatemeh (S)

In addition of mentioned verses, there are another verses related to Khadijeh (S)`s position. Just one cases mentioned. Everyone knows her surpassed in belief. She was the first woman who accepted Islam.


Khadijeh was the best wife of prophet

Prophet had got many wives, but he introduced her as the superior and the virtue wife among them and one of the best forth woman in the world. This position does not consist of others prophet`s wives. Prophet said in different way and different Hadith about her superiority. Maybe his emphasis on Khadijeh (S) superiority over his other wives and his introduction as a forth superior woman in the world was because of events and troubles of Muslims in future, in addition for her high level and greatness. Prophet introduced Khadijeh (S) and his daughter, Fatemeh (S), as two certain indicator and pattern to Muslims. Prophet introduced for women as the more complete and the more virtue women in the world.

First Hadith Kheyrieh Hadith

Bokhari said from prophet: the best women are Khadijeh (S) and Maryam, Omran`s daughter in the world. In this Hadith prophet introduced just two women as the superior women in the world, such as, Khadojeh (S) among Muslims and Maryam (S) among Christianity.

Second Hadith Tafzil Hadith

Ibn Hajar Asghari said from Amar Yaser that prophet said: Khadijeh is the superior woman among my people just as Maryam among woman in the world.

Third Hadith The superiority of Khadijeh in the heaven 

Ahmad ibn Hanbal said from prophet in Masnad that : prophet draw four lines on the floor and asked: Do you know what are these?

They answered: No, God and his propher know.

He replied: the best heaven`s women are Khadijeh (S) Khavild`s daughter, Fatemeh (S) Mohammad`s daughter, Asieh Mazaher`s daughter, pharaoh’s wife and Maryam Emran daughters. Prophet with drawing these lines introduced the sample women, model of world and future life in this Hadith. It is clear these four women in heaven are both the superior and God never created like them.

Forth Hadith Good women in world and future life

Prophet said: best women in the world are Khadijeh (S) Khavild`s daughter, Fatemeh (S) Mohammad`s daughter, Asieh Mazaher`s daughter, pharaoh’s wife and Maryam Emran daughters.

In this Hadith prophet took these four women into account from the first to end of world.

Fifth Hadith The superior women in the world

Prophet said about women who are the best: Khadijeh (S) Khavild`s daughter, Fatemeh (S) Mohammad`s daughter, Asieh Mazaher`s daughter, pharaoh’s wife and Maryam Emran daughters. The best of them is Fatemeh (S).

Sixth Hadith The most perfect women in the world

Prophet mentioned to four women according to their perfections.

Among women in two world, the best in perfection and virtues are Khadijeh (S) Khavild`s daughter, Fatemeh (S) Mohammad`s daughter, Asieh Mazaher`s daughter, pharaoh’s wife and Maryam Emran daughters.

Seventh Hadith The best ancestress

One day prophet said about Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS) in public that was: people do you know about the best men according to their ancestress and ancestor? The audience answered: Yes.

He reoplied: they are Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS) that their ancestor are Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and their ancestress are Khadijeh (S), Khavild`s daughter.


Narrated Hadith about Khadijeh (S)

Khadijeh (S) on her twenty-five years of her common life saw different events. During these period narratives advices and many speeches heard from Prophet. Many conversations, decisions, hidden and public appointment of companions with prophet were hold at her home. She knew about all of conversation and decision during these periods, she heard thousand narratives and Hadith of prophet about different events and many memories in her mind. She had more common life with prophet than other his wives, she was more confident to him. In spite of all of these there is a few Hadith about this great lady and other prophet wives.

Sunni historians believe that there are not narratives about her and do not consider her. Other Sunni historians consider her as narrative but there is a few about her.

Some of researches and evaluations said about her but time to time it was deleted. Bokhari In the book of Rejal od Sahih Bokhari Kalabazi, number 1417 said about her but it is deleted in the current edition. It is showed that subject has been distorted by Islam opposition, if there was such narrative historian like Kalabazi did not mentioned it.

Some Hadithes about Khadijeh (S)

1-     Hadith about piligrimage

Khadijeh said that she asked from prophet: what have to say at the time of pilgrimage?

Prophet said: God forgive my intentional and unintentional sins and my profusion. If you do not forgive me, I will die.

2-     Hadith about seeing Gabreil

Ismail ibn abi Hakim the leader of Ale Zobayr said that: Khadijeh (S) said to prophet: Can you tell me when Gabriel comes to you?

He answered: yes.

When Gabriel came, prophet said to her: Khadijeh he comes.

She replied: stand up my cousin and sat on my left leg.

Prophet did this. She said: Can you see Gabriel?

He said: Yes. Then she said: Turn back and sit on my right leg, he did this. And again she said? Can you see him?

Prophet answered: yes.

She said: sit down by my side. He did this. She said? Can you see him? He said: No.

She said: My cousin I am sure now that he is a Gabriel not Satan.

Ibn Eshagh said that Abdolah ibn Hassan make it Hadith that Ihear from my mother, Fatemeh bnt Hussain, when Gabriel came Khadijeh said he is Gabriel not Satan.

3-     Hadith about how prophet entered at home

It is narrated from Khadijeh (S) in Aladadol Ghavieh book that: when prophet entered, wanted water, made ablutions, prayed and went to sleep.


Khadijeh (S) position to God

Khadijeh (S) had got high position, honor and place to God. Prophet said to her: Khadijeh, God is proud of you among his angels. Prophet said from Gabriel that: Say my hello and God to her, told her good news of house in the heavens. Abu Saeed Khadni said: When prophet returned of ascension asked Gabriel: Is there anything?

Say my and God hello to Khadijeh (S). He replied.

When he met Khadijeh (S) said: God and his angels say hello to you and like you so much.

God himself is honorable and say my hello to him and Gabriel. She answered.

God promised a high position to Khadijeh (S) and prophet. Several times said to her: You have got a house in heaven which you do not tolerate pain any more.

Imam Sadegh (AS) said: when Khadijeh (S) pass away, Fatemeh (S) was a child and did not tolerate, asked his father about her mother. Prophet got more upset and tried to make her calm. Gabriel came to him and said: Say my hello to Fatemeh (S) and told her your mother is on the house which sit beside Asieh, pharaoh`s wife, Maryam, Emran`s daughter. When Fatemeh (S) hear this got calm.

It was mentioned in the certain Hadith that when Khadijeh (S) passed away, Fatemeh (S) searched around and said to prophet: Where is my mother?

Gabriel came to him and said: God ordered you that say hello to her and tell her, Khadijeh (S) `s house is among Asieh`s house and Maryam, Emran`s daughter. When prophet delivered this massage, Fatemeh (S) answered: God is complete and health is from him, salutation returned to him.

Prophet said about interpretation of heaven`s lake that drink it just favorite people: Former favorites are: prophet Mohammad (PBUH),Ali ibn Abitaleb, Emams, Fatemeh (S) and Khadijeh (S).


Khadijeh (S) position to prophet

Khadijeh (S) had got high position and rank to prophet. He never compared her with other his wives. He always praised her and made her superior in compare with other his wives. He tried hard for her respect. this high position was not just because she was prophet`s wife, he had got another wives as well who had not such a high position. He did respect to her opinion in common life and social affairs, he never was opposition to her point of view.

When Abol As, Khadijeh`s nephew, asked for marriage from prophet`s daughter, Zeynab, Khadijeh (S) accepted their marriage. Prophet accepted because he was never opposed to her.

Prophet loved her so much, since when she was alive, he never got married. His appreciation to Khadijeh (S) was not because of her life time, after her death prophet remembered her and did honor her. Although prophet had got other wives but he remembered Khadijeh (S) with goodness.

One day Ayesheh said: Why you remember her all the time? She was an old woman who passed away. God give you better than her.

Prophet got angrily and said: when she accepted my prophecy, you denied me, when she accepted Islam, you were idols. She is my children`s mother while you are not.

He loved her so much as her friends made profit of this. Ayeshe said: one day an old lady came to him, he respected her and when she went, I asked him about this kindness. He replied: when Khadijeh (S) was alive, that old lady came to our home; Khadijeh (S) was kind of him. Being stable on your promise is a sign of belief.

In another Hdith as Ayeshe said: Whenever prophet sacrificed a sheep, he sent its meat for Khadijeh (S) `s friends.

One day I asked about this matter to him and said: I loved Khadijeh`s friends as well. He cried in her death anniversary and addressed his wives: Do not think you are superior to her. She accepted Islam while you were idols. She is my children`s mother.

Many years later when the news of Ali (AS) and Fatemeh (S)`s marriage announced to him, he remembered Khadijeh (S) and cried. When Ome Salmeh asked him, he said: There is no one like her, when people denied me she accepted, she helped me in God religion and helped me with her wealth. God ordered me to give her good news of emerald-colored house in heaven that there was no sign of pain. Heaven are prepare for four women: Maryam, Emran`s daughter, Asieh, Mazahem`s daughter, pharaoh`s wife who is prophet`s wife in heaven, Khadijeh, Khavild`s daughter and prophet`s wife in the world and future life and Fatemeh, prophet`s daughter.


Kadijeh (S) in Imams speech

Khadijeh had got high position and honorable to Imams, their children and famous Islam characters. Imam Hussein when talked to idols in Ashra said to them: For God`s sake do you know my ancestor is Khadijeh (S)?

When Imam Hassan Mojtaba (AS) argued with Moavieh, he mentioned one case of Moavieh digression from true direction, Moavieh moral decline and his happiness of mother role in training children said: your mother is Hend and your grand mother is Nasileh, you bring up by this mean and humble woman, because of these you behaved badly. My family happiness is just because of training by chaste woman, Khadijeh (S) and Fatemeh (S).

He addressed idols: Do you know I am your wife`s prophet child?

Imam sajjad (AS) introduced himself in Yazid meeting by presence of Sham`s leader that: I am Khadijeh`s son, the great Islam lady.

Zeynab (S) in Karbala and in 11th Moharam, 61 Hegira year said doleful words by martyr’s body, after telling the name of prophet and Ali (AS), remembered Khadijeh (S) and said: my father scarified for you Khadijeh (S).

Zeyd ibn Ali (AS) who held great revolt opposed to aristocracy and finally suffered martyrdom, in front of idols said: we are more suitable for friendship, because out father is prophet and our ancestor is Khadijeh (S).

Abdollah ibn Zobayr said to Ibn Abbas about his relation to Khadijeh (S) and remembered her as his aunt with honor and said: do not you know my aunt is the master of world ladies, I mean Khadijeh (S)?

In Imam Hassan (AS) time after Moavieh`s dominated over situation, came to Kufeh, stayed there for a few days and oath of allegiance with them. In one of his meeting he said bad words about Ali (AS) in spite of Imam Hassan (AS) and Imam Hussein (AS) presence. When Imam Hussein (AS) wanted to answered him, but Imam Hassan (AS) did not allow him.

Imam Hassan (AS) said to Moavieh: you remembered my father badly, I am Hassan, my father is Ali (AS), you are Moavieh and your father is Abusofyan. My mother is Fatemeh (S), yours is Jegarkhar Hend. My ancestor is Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), yours is Harb. My ancestress is Khadijeh (S) but yours is Nasile, prostitute woman in pagan state. Damn on person who is unclean, his ancestor is mean and his antecedent is unbeliever.


Injunction of Khadijeh (S)

Khadijeh (S) suffered from bodily diseases a few days after finishing difficult and hardship period of economical blockade in Abi Taleb Shoab. She getting worse and worse and felt her days are numbered. One day prophet sat next to her bed, she said to him: I have an injunction, first of all if I did not my best about you, forgive me. Prophet answered: I never seeing your fault, you do your best, you get tired at my house and forgive your wealth in God`s way.

Second, take care of Fatameh (S). She is orphan and lonely after me. Do not let Ghoraysh women bother her. Do not let somebody slap on her face. Do not let somebody shout at her. Do not let someone behave her harshly.

I feel shame to say my third possession, I tell Fatemeh (S) till she says to you. Then she said to Fatemeh (S): My dear, tell your father I am afraid of grave, I want to wrap me by his cloak which wear at the time of Gabriel came. Fatemeh (S) told his father and he accepted. Khadijeh (S) was happy to hear that.


Khadijeh`s death

Khadijeh (S) after 25 years hard and difficult life with prophet, lots of trying and attempts, her obeying of prophet, by the cause of indolence, passed away. Her death was hard to prophet because 35 days passed from his uncle, Abutaleb, his good supporter that Khadijeh (S) passed away. There are different dates about her death, such as 5 years before Besat, 4 years before Beast, 3 years before Hejrat and 3 years before ascension. It is said that Khadijeh (S) in 65 years, 10th of Ramadan, 10 years of Besat, after morning pray passed away.

After her death, this kind and generous lady, prophet sat beside her and cried. Suddenly Gabriel came to him with a shroud`s heaven on his hands, said: God say hello to you and said that Khadijeh (S) spent her wealth in my way so it is my duty to prepared her shroud.

Prophet himself dipped her, embalmed her and wrapped her on shroud that Gabriel brought. Then he and many Muslims held funeral ceremony on Hejun cemetery. He was crying, entered to grave, slept and prayed for her. Then he stood up, put her in the tomb and fitted tomb stone in its place.

When he returned home, Fatemeh (S) searched around him and said: Dear father, where is my mother?

He was wonder that how to answer. On that time Gabriel came and told him: answered Fatemeh (S) that your mother live in chrysolite palace calmly.

Alame Majlesi said: prophet after this happening stayed at home and he went out a little.


People`s sadness and its reflection

With Abutaleb (AS) and Khadijeh (S) death, prophet missed two his supporters in one month and life got hard to him. Abutaleb`s lordship, power and influence in Mecca, especially in Banihashem prevented any bad faith toward prophet. All of them knew that Abutaleb was great supporter of him, he was influenced and powerful, everyone knew it and Banihashem accepted him. he was prophet`s defender and he could resisted every conspiracy opposed to prophet.

Prophet`s enemies knew that if they made an attack toward him or injured him, Abutaleb will defense him and no one could persevered. If a person persevered, tribe’s war happened in Mecca, continued many years and hundreds people would be died, so they fear of this matter so much.

In other hand, Khadijeh (S) was a great prophet supporter at home. Whenever he was bothered by Ghoraysh idols, came back home disappointed, she got him felt calm and relax. Made him feel happy as a result he forgot the entire hard situation.

With Khadijeh (S) death prophet miss his peace and comport, with Abutaleb death he miss the most important and the most powerful his social supporter. On that year he and people were really sad so that year called Amo Lhazn, it means sadness and sorrow year, in fact one year called public mourning.

Prophet always said: since then they were alive, I had never be sad. After Abutaleb death idols with more fearless and more courage and boldness tried to bother prophet.

One day he was passing of one of the Mecca alley, suddenly an idol as Abujahl ordered shed one sweeping container toward him. He entered home with his dusty face, washed it and sat lonely. Before it whenever these kinds of events happen to him, Khadijeh (S) went to meet him and made him calm.

Anyway, Ghoraysh`s bother got more and more and made life hard for prophet in Mecca. Prophet made decision left Mecca, immigrated to another city which accepted Islam and supported him.

One month after Khadijeh (S) death, on last day of Shaval, as inviting Taef peaple, traveld with Zeyd ibn Hareseh. They stayed there for ten days. They spoke with their leaders and invited them to Islam, but no one accepted it. The worst thing was that Taef leaders made force children, slaves and mad men to throw him stones wherever they saw prophet. They did it more and more that sometimes Zeyn acted as a bumper till prophet received less pain. 

Later prophet remembered those days as difficult days.

Finally they forced to leave Taef. When they were near Hara cave, prophet was concerned about his entering to Mecca, so send a person as help him to propagate Islam. But Matam ibn Adi accepted to support prophet. Mat`am and his family were armed so prophet entered to Mecca, after went around the Kaaba he returned home. Mecca condition was worst in compare with past, idols fearless made situation hard for him. Abulahab knew himself as a Banihashem leader, with his wife, Ome Jamil bothered him more. Prophet went to other different tribe leaders, such as Bani Kalb, Bami Hazifeh, Bani Amer ibn Sa`sa`e, Mahar ibn Khafse, Fazare, Ghasan, Mare, Hanifeh, Salim, Bani Nazr, Bani Beka`e and Hares ibn Ka`b, as attracted their protection, but no one accepted him.

At the time of Pilgrimage, some of Khazarj leader came to Mecca, visited prophet, invited him to Medina and he accepted. The studies shows that prophet did not want to leave Mecca, but after Khadijeh (S) and Abutaleb (AS) death it was impossible to stay there. So he had to leave his hometown and immigrate to Medina.


Khadijeh (S) holy sepulcher

The holy sepulcher of Muslims mother, Khadijeh (S), is located in Hejun cemetery in Ma`ali area in Mecca. This cemetery was a place for bury Mecca dead persons. Some of companions, citizen, scientifically and great Islam characters were bury in this cemetery, such as Abdolmotaleb, Abutaleb, Abraham’s prophet son, Abdomanaf, Yaser, Somayeh and some of companions, citizen, scientifically and great Islam characters.

Historian said that there is a mausoleum on Khadijeh (S) grave, that Muslims visit it as a pilgrim. There is dome with valuable stones on her grave that is covered with expensive cloth in 750 Hegira as Egyptian Mohammad Soleyman ordered to do it.

After a while in cause of many people coming and going a servant recruit as cleaning the dome and his salary was paid by Ale Osman money. Her holy was rebuilt in 1242 but it was destroyed like others Islam monuments by Wahhabiun.

Senook Hoor Kharunieh who is eastern researcher about Mecca writes:

Khadijeh (S) grave, the first prophet wife is located in Ma`li cemetery that has got a big dome. People come to her sepulcher every year and hold magnificent ceremony, one lady princess do eulogy, give her money and eat foods. After that some of them sit beside the sepulcher and touch its cloth as bringing good luck for them. There is an iron cage around it, it is go on till midnight.


Khadijeh (S) amulet

She had got close relation to God. She has a special amulet and made relation to God by it.

Sayid ibn Tavoosi in Monhaj Daavat said two amulets for her:

1-     In the name of God, O living and firm God, I resorted to your kindness resorted me, do not leave me alone even for a second and supported me all the time.

2-     In the name of God, O God, O Guard, O keeper, O attentive and sentry.


Preparation and composer: Abdollah Ali Bakhshi



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117- For those who are idols God the wife of Nooh and Loot said as an example.

118- Pharaoh`s wife said: I am from Pharaoh palace, built a house for me in heavens.

119- On that moment, Sare, Abraham`s wife stood up. Sura Hood, verse 71.

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121- The truth gets clear now. Sura Yoosef, Verse 51.

122- We give like his family, Sura Anbia, Verse 84.

123- I saw a woman who democrats on him, Sura Naml, Verse 23.

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125- Remember when prophet said his secret to one of his wife, but she disclosed that, God announced him. Sura Tahrim, Verse 3.

126- She found you poor and made you rich. Sura Zoha, VERSE 8.

127- Get beside each other two seas, sweet and salty, hot and cold.

128- Said that: God! We were cruel to our self. Sura A`arab, verse 23.

129- On that time said: God! Built for me a house near your house in heaven, Sura Tahrim, Verse 11.

130- His wife stood up and laughed happily, we say good tidings him to Eshagh and then Yghub. Sura hood, Verse 7.

131- Said: when kings entered to a populous region make it depraved and spoiled. Sure Naml, Verse 34.

132- Suddenly one of those women came to him while he walked modesty. Sura Ghesas, Verse 34.

133- And found that you are poor and make you rich. Sura Zoha, Verse 8.

134- O prophet`s wives! You are not the same as that one if accepted Islam, so do not talk fanciful that sinful covet on you, tell good words. Sura Ahzab, Verse 32.

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