Thoughts on Islamic Unity

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Hold fast to the Rope of Allah and do not disperse, is the gist of the meaning of one of the most widely cited ayash of the Holy Qur'an concerning Islamic unity.

There are also numerous hadith on the benefits of the ummah's unity and the dangers of discord.

The most famous of such statements from Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), whose birthday Muslims around the world are celebrating – with public holidays, seminars, discourses, etc. – is undoubtedly the one called Hadith Thaqalayn.

It says in explicit terms that he is leaving behind the two invaluable things (thaqalayn), the Book of God (Holy Qur'an) and his progeny the Ahl al-Bayt, with exhortation to hold fast unto these inseparable two, and with a warning that those who do not (even those taking one and leaving the other) will certainly go astray.

Unfortunately, despite such clear injunctions for unity and solidarity, Muslims have splintered into several sects that were mainly formed in the early days when those claiming to be caliphs or political heirs of the Prophet, perpetrated the worst imaginable crimes against the Ahl al-Bayt, in addition to violating the letter and spirit of God's Revealed Word, for the greed of transient power of this mortal world.

These are the undeniable facts of Islamic history, which today's enlightened Muslims need to diligently study, contemplate upon, and arrive at the right conclusion, as one does in scientific matters. Certainly, only fools subscribe to such outdated theories as, for example, the earth is flat, resting atop the horns of a giant cow, which in turn stands upon a huge fish in a vast ocean, and whenever the cow shakes its horns, earthquakes happen.

Thus, it is not ignorance or lack of courage, but an unpardonable offence tantamount to sin, if Muslims brand each other infidels (despite belief in monotheism, the Prophet, and observance of all fundamental acts of worship) or conveniently hush up the realities of the past on the assumption of preventing discord and opening of old wounds.

As a matter of fact, this lackadaisical attitude is the cause of today's disunity in the world of Islam – both sectarian and political – which in the recent past had allowed the archenemies of Muslims, especially the British, to create schismatic sects like the Wahhabis in Arabia, the Bahais in Iran, and the Qadianis or Ahmadis in the Subcontinent, and later to plant the Zionist entity in Palestine by illegally settling European Jews in this Muslim land.

Today, it is the US and the Zionists who are indirectly managing the divisive campaign to split Muslim ranks through creation of al-Qa'eda and Taleban under a supposedly puritanical religious garb, as well as funding agnostics and apostates in nationalistic camouflage, to weaken Islamic beliefs and cause cultural chaos.

Examples abound of the latter category, such as the Kemalist generals of Turkey, the defunct Shah of Iran, Saddam of Iraq, Zain al-Abedin bin Ali of Tunisia, Mubarak, and the military junta that has succeeded him in Egypt, and of course their mercenaries who from time to time raise their ugly heads and indulge in violence and vandalism in a bid to sabotage Islamic solidarity and national unity – to the cheers from Israel, Washington, and London – as happened on February 14 in a locality of Tehran, following last Friday's millions-strong rallies throughout the country in celebration of the 32nd anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

It is here the legacy of that Sage of the Age, Imam Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace), comes to our rescue. This farsighted scholar not only founded the foolproof Islamic Republic System based on Divine Laws, which opponents, including superpowers, confront at their own peril, but he bequeathed to the Muslim World the message of religious and political solidarity, by declaring as Islamic Unity Week, the 5-day period spanning the two dates of the month of Rabi al-Awwal (12th according to the Sunnis citing narrations of the Prophet's companions, and 17th according to the Shi'ites, who consider the family accounts of the Ahl al-Bayt to be more authentic).

No wonder, the client regimes installed by the West in most of the Muslim World have been dead scared of the Islamic Unity Week over the past three decades, and have left no stone unturned to suppress it or discourage their populations from holding it.

The reason is obvious. They fear the day when they will meet the fate of the Iranian, Iraqi, Tunisian, and Egyptian despots, if Muslims were to rise above narrow ethnic, linguistic, nationalistic, and sectarian tendencies, to discover the ethereal message of the Holy Qur'an and the Immaculate Ahl al-Bayt, as repeatedly emphasized by Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).

Let's hope, the new developments will awaken Muslims worldwide, and inspire them with faith to discover the truth and rally under the genuine Muhammadan banner to foster unity and solidarity, both at home and abroad, in order to defeat the archenemies of Islam and the mercenaries in their midst, and more importantly to ensure salvation in afterlife.

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