Poem on the martydrom of Imam Musa Kazem (AS)

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Once again we offer you heartfelt condolences, and here is a tribute to Imam Musa Kazem in verse by Iran's English language poet, Dr. Hassan Najafi:



"You, to your care so much we owe

We breathe in your love - to tell you so.

You are prompt at every call

You pray, you feel, you answer all.

You are the Seventh Imam,

Seventh ray of Faith’s warm.

Miracle is your endurance

Unique is your tolerance.

Haroon Rasheed imprisoned you

Forgetful of fact, can’t confine a dew.

You entered a cell blessing there hailed

Haroon in his mission failed.

Every tyranny you suffered

But your stand never differed.

Beyond tolerance you underwent

But never provoked your resentment,

Every cell you entered, you God worshipped.

Sweet turned to you every hardship.

You became to Boons a Door,

Whoever calls you your answer is sure.

The world still calls you

You are every one's aspired rescue.

However they belittled you

The greatness hovered on you.

Our children in your love are born

In the farm of faith your love is the corn.

If not your love sore goes the fruit

And goes wrong a traveler from the route.

In a jungle guide is a dire need

Likewise in your love we proceed.

Tell the grave to be tender to me

I’m the Imam’s friend and to me he.

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