Poem on the martydrom anniversary of Imam Ali (AS)

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By: Dr. Hasan Najafi --




Your love the parting soul requires

Even in our ashes live your love’s fires.

In your love alone awakes living soul’s lyre

Hearts become alive when burn in your love’s fire.

Freezes the genial current of the soul

In Saqifa the enmity its folds unroll.

It was your presence that their crimes confirmed

And their presence shut the gates of mercy on mankind.

Hear the drowning men’s cries in the tempest brought

By the dark power of a mock Islam – a fake thought.

And this keeps ever going in a slow winding flood

Perpetual the spray, constant the train of its mud.

In your Name, by your Name our identity is unfurled

You always triumphed and presides over the world.

Your love holds an irresistible might

Else, all is ignorance, all in night.

Because of your love descend the angels in nightly crew

To deck our graves with pearly dew.

You can’t dignify the caliph’s Noble Race

Saqifa, content yourself with a humbler place.

The prosperity of this and that world you combine

Creation’s Heir, Ali, and again Ali is mine.

Oft a sigh prevails, sorrows fall

To see the hoard of your love so small.

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