Poem on the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hassan Mojtaba (AS)

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On God's support he reclined

No insults, no tortures could hurt his mind.

He stood fast and let the enemies see

That fortitude is victory.

Your name the softest soother of the breast

Your love is the peace of mind, a lovely guest.

Your love takes us to the skies

In your love diminishes earth to our eyes.

Neither you are understood nor obeyed

In fact to you justice is long delayed.

The treaty with Mu'awiyya you concluded,

You victorious in relinquishing the caliphate, while he the defeated.

When he never abided by any term, any clause

Dawned on the people what faithless traitor Mu'awiyya was.

Do your enemies think to what ills they incline?

They only incur the wrath of the Divine.

Good Heaven! What sorrows gloomed that parting day

A malicious wife poisoned your tumbler of water – an evil way,

By rapid descending envious wave

Denied to you near the Prophet a grave,

Arrows showered at your coffin,

At the ranting of a hag of seditious origin,

In Baqie you were laid to rest eternal,

Alas, it was destroyed by the Wahhabi infernal,

O Blest Soul! Regardful of fate's womb

Aerial hands shall rebuild your tomb.

You the theme of the Heavenly Scripture's pages

Like the Qur'an you are alive in all ages.

Faith, truth, piety, sincerity, magnanimity assembled in you,

None could take away the virtues God gifted to you.

Under kinder sky where gentler manners reign

I turn, wherever I see your bright domain.

Would the world prize your wondrous power!

In pious trance, forgetful of the noontide hour,

A wanting pilgrim could want a larger pile

Exults and contended on your smile.

Force a churlish soil for parsley bread

To no avail unless towards "Generous of the House" tread,

Even today you do as the Prophet age-to-age charms

Redresses the clime and all its rage disarms.

We to you like a child when scaring noises molest

Clings closer to the mother's breast!

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