Imam Khamenei's opinion about a man's role in the home

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Imam Khamenei's opinion about a man's role in the home

Now I would like to make a point about the role of men. It is the role of women in the family that is constantly stressed and the reason is clear: women are an essential element in the family. But it is not the case that men do not have a role or responsibility to fulfill in the family. Indifferent men, cold men, immoral men, the men who do not appreciate the efforts of their wife- these men harm the family environment. A husband must be appreciative. The entire society must appreciate the efforts of housewives. It is necessary to consider the work of housewives as highly valuable. There are some women who could have pursued their career or continued their education at university. There are even some women who are highly educated - and I have seen such women - yet they decide to stay home and raise their children. There are women who decide to quit their job for the sake of their family, which does not affect the work that should be done because tens of others are prepared to do the job. It is necessary to thank such women.

January 4, 2012


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