Palestine to be liberated through Palestinians' resistance: Ayatollah Khamenei

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Palestine to be liberated through Palestinians' resistance: Ayatollah Khamenei

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei says occupied Palestine will be liberated only through resistance and struggles of Palestinian people and groups, provided that they maintain their unity.

In a meeting with the head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, Ramadan Abdullah Shalah, in Tehran on Wednesday, Ayatollah Khamenei praised the Palestinians’ motivations, which are rooted in their faith and the spirit of resistance, adding, “The only way to liberate the holy city of al-Quds is struggle and resistance, and other solutions are useless and futile.”

The Leader referred to the young population of Palestine as an important factor for the Palestinian resistance in the occupied territories, and expressed high optimism that the Israeli regime will perish within the next quarter of a century.

“The Zionist regime -- as we have already said -- will cease to exist in the next 25 years if there is a collective and united struggle by the Palestinians and the Muslims against the Zionists,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.

He also reaffirmed Iran’s support for the Palestinian nation and said, “Despite being engaged in certain regional issues, the Islamic Republic has always announced explicitly that Palestine is the number one issue in the Muslim world and has fulfilled its obligations in this regard.”

Describing the US as “the most arrogant power and the Great Satan,” the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said Washington is the main reason behind the current problems in the region.

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei pointed to the tensions created by certain regional countries through interference in the affairs of other states, saying they seek to undermine the Palestinian issue or force it to slip into oblivion.

The Leader rejected claims that the conflicts in the region were linked to religious issues, saying that it was the US and its regional allies who created such crises and involved religion in them.

“The Sunni people of Aleppo, Mosul and other cities are being slaughtered by the Takfiri criminals; therefore, these crises have nothing to do with Sunni or Shia,” the Leader said.

Ayatollah Khamenei also underlined the need for a collective struggle against Takfiri groups, including Daesh, as one of the main challenges facing the region, warning that the Palestinian issue could be further sidelined due to current crises created by the Takfiris.

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