'The U.S is after disturbing peace in World of Islam'

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'The U.S is after disturbing peace in World of Islam'

Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Mahabad lashed out at the policy U.S follows in the World of Islam especially in Syria.

Mamousta Yahya Esmaeili, Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Mahabad, deplored the U.S aggression and its willful policy in disturbing the existing peace in the World of Islam and especially in Syria.

"U.S missile strikes on Syria stemmed in its policies which is after destroying divine religion of Islam not only in Syria but also in the whole World," pointed out the Sunni cleric unbraiding the country for advancing the mean purpose against oppressed people in Muslim countries.

"U.S is the main enemy of Muslims perticulary Islamic nation in Middle East and the holy system of Islamic Republic of Iran," underlined Mamousta Yahya Esmaeili sternly warned Muslims of the schemes concocted by American officials.

Pointing to the U.S act of aggression and the blatant assault on the sovereignty of the Syrian, the Sunni cleric noted, "Thereafter U.S strikes, DAESH attacked some of Syrian cities, given that we can come up to this very point the U.S is lying about its attempt in countering terrorism."

"In the here and now, it is incumbent upon all Muslims (from all sects and denominations) to unmask U.S policies and boost their competence in fighting arrogant system," stressed the Interim Friday Prayer Leader of Mahabad.

The Sunni cleric also placed emphasis on the prime importance of preserving unity and rapprochement among Muslims holding them as an elevated factor effective in countering global arrogance.

"Unity among Muslims is the Quran command and the main problems in the world of Islam are derived from and related to this issues," highlighted the religious scholar noting in any area where there was division, there existed also the traces of the West and America.

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