Trump revealed true face of US authorities

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Trump revealed true face of US authorities

Trump revealed true face of US authorities
Sunni cleric from Iran’s province of Urmia denounced US invasion of Syria saying that President Trump revealed true identity of American authorities with its invasion on Syria’s Shayrat airbase.
Publish date : Wednesday 12 April 2017 12:01
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Mamusta Jalal Moradi, prayer leader of Takab County in west Azerbaijan expressed gratitude to the US President for unveiling the hideous face of American authorities through its aggressiveness stressing Islamic unity as the solution for Muslim world issues, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

He slammed the US invasion of Syrian airbase and said,” This attack was launched under the pretext of confrontation with chemical weapons though it was in fact aimed helping terrorists.”

Sunni cleric called the US and its allies as sworn enemies of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who are not expected to pursue another path.

He said,” To kill innocent people is not allowed in Islamic teachings” and noted,” Killing Muslims, particularly mercilessly, is rebuked same way that God Almighty prohibits homicide; therefore, to kill a person innocently is translated into killing the whole humanity same way that he who saves a person is hailed as a savior of all.”

Sunni prayer leader of Takab County also referred to guidelines by the Supreme Leader on Muslim world issues and noted,” The key to victory against enemies is obedience of the wise, brave and qualified leader who has constantly saved the Islamic Revolution from different hurdles and through several hardships.”

Mamusta Moradi stressed unity as a prerequisite for success in a society and noted,” To confront intrigues hatched by enemies necessitates solidarity of the people and authorities based on jurisprudence.”


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