“Diplomacy of unity” to restore Islam’s power: Sunni cleric

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“Diplomacy of unity” to restore Islam’s power: Sunni cleric

Senior Iranian cleric stressed “Diplomacy of unity” as the strategy to restore the original power of Islam.
Mamusta Mostafa Mahmoudi, prayer leader of Piranshahr, in the Iranian Province of West Azerbaijan, translated the “diplomacy of unity” as to step in the path of logics and rationality in the world of Islam rather than war and armed conflic.

He stressed solidarity as the basic example which has a particular stance in our religious teachings and that Muslims should attain that unity will pave the way for honor and transcend of Muslim world.

The Sunni scholar warned against hostile efforts to undermine the unity of Islamic states and slammed the enemies for struggling to carry out their plots in these countries and said,” This is while rulers in some Muslim countries are dominated by the arrogant powers while they should stand against criminals.”

Prayer leader of Piranshahr referred to the natural resources and assets demanding Islamic countries to unite and form a giant power against enemies and said,” We should unite and warn the enemies of our vigilance against their plots.”

Mamusta Mahmoudi reiterated Muslim division as the only key to victory of the enemies and said,” Once we unite against their objectives and respect each other we will certainly be victorious.”

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