Arrogant powers’ moves cannot shake our security: cleric

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Arrogant powers’ moves cannot shake our security: cleric

Mamusta Yahya Esmaeeli, university professor from West Azerbaijan Province,  slammed the twin terrorist attacks in Tehran and stressed that such cowardly operations cannot undermine Iranian society or the sustained security in the country.

He hailed the swift reaction of the disciplinary forces in foiling and annihilating the terrorists.

Sunni prayer leader of Mahabad noted that the behavior of the people and reaction of the police force contains a great message for the enemies and said,” This showed Iran’s massive military capabilities while the people proved their solidarity against the enemies.”

Mamusta Esmaeeli called Islam as the religion of kindness and said,” Violence is not the logic of Islam and prophets and those who spread violence in society are not part of the holy religion” and quoted Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in excommunicating those hate-mongering people out of Islam.

According to the interim prayer leader of Mahabad a feature for extremists is that they leave out non-believers to kill Muslims.

He highlighted unity as the essence of monotheism calling that a necessity for the world of Islam.

Mamusta Esmaeeli concluded,” While a group of extremists are in pursuit of chaos and extremism in the Middle East region, solidarity of Muslims from different denominations can unveil their intrigues.”


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