Major Iranian universities to host Muslim scientists at 6th STEP meeting

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Major Iranian universities to host Muslim scientists at 6th STEP meeting
Prominent Iranian academies will be hosting scientists and technology intellectuals from 36 countries attending the 6th meeting of Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP).
Saeed Sohrabpour, secretary of 6th science and technology meeting of Islamic countries, STEP, attended the presser held for the upcoming event which is scheduled to be held concurrent with 2019 Mustafa (PBUH) Award Ceremony in the Iranian capital of Tehran in early November, Taqrib News Agency (TNA) reported the secretariat of the event as saying.
The upcoming science and technology event will discuss the theme of water-energy nexus and health besides science communication, financing for science and technology and also women in science and technology.
Prominent scientists from 36 countries naming Malaysia, Turkey, England, India and Iraq will be among the participants to the event on the aforesaid topics.
16 chancellors of universities and 37 faculty directors will deliver more than 100 speeches at the event which will be organized as joint effort of seven major Iranian universities.
A key feature of the meeting, according to Saeed Sohrabpour is that STEP will act as a link between scientific figures from across the world of Islam.
Tehran University of Medical Sciences will host the health section of the event as Sharif University of Technology will hold the energy-water nexus.
This is while Al-Zahra University and Iran Broadcasting University will be at charge of science communication section of the event and Imam Sadiq (AS) University will organize the financing summit.
The opening ceremony is scheduled to be held at Al-Zahra University on November 9 and the workshops and sideline meetings will be held on following two days.
STEP is meant to establish endowment fund for promotion of science and technology in the world of Islam.
Mustafa (PBUH) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) conducts various science and research activities and aims for creating an atmosphere of cooperation and interaction among experts from across Muslim world.
STEP is the annual event held by the foundation in a bid to offer a wide range of research opportunities in an atmosphere of cooperation and in-depth discussions for Muslim world scientists.
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