Pakistan Security report -- Sit-rep-december-09-2012

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Dear friends, 

We saw the same ridiculous pattern this week also as the election preparations are now getting into frenzy. The CJ wants to drag and humiliate the army on Karachi streets. Army seems to be following the order so far. The government and the political parties are involved in brisk maneuvers to outsmart each other and to mint as much wealth as they can in the remaining few months. There is absolutely so sign of hope from anywhere.

MQM is actually threatening the Supreme Court over its order to re-mark the constituencies in Karachi. MQM is actually threatening mass violence now. The daggers are drawn and gloves are off.

Country at stake due to Punjab power tussle, says Farooq Sattar


KARACHI: Citing the enduring political scenario in Punjab, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Dr Farooq Sattar on Saturday said that the country was being put at stake due to struggle for power in the province, DawnNews reported. Speaking to a ceremony arranged by the party, he asked religious and political leaders of the country as why they are silent over display of weapons during recently held by-polls in Punjab when they do not get tired of raising their voices over the same issue in Karachi, calling for door-to-door searches and military operations.

There is no doubt now that if Pakistan has to be spared of the fate of Syria or Somalia, pak army will have to take the matters into its own hand decisively.

1. Army will have to block the elections and not become a pawn in the hands of this regime and the SC.

2. Army will have to take over power for a bloody cleanup.

3. Hand over power to a patriotic civilian caretaker government for at least 3 years to change the political system to assure sincere and honest leadership.

If army starts to support the Zardari regime for other elections, then it is all over. Army should stay away from the elections process and focus on the security of the country only. Let the civilians create a mess of things and ignite a civil war and then intervene. But that would be a most dangerous strategy as the fate of Syria is too obvious to ignore.

Realistically, army should take over now. All other options are too dangerous, too risky and would be too late for recovery. With Indians waiting on the wings to exploit the anarchy and TTP, BLA, MQM fully armed for urban war and CIA supporting all these anarchic gangs, Pakistan would not take long to become Syria. Karachi’s urban war is heading this way. The images from Syria should be a sobering wakeup call for Pak army. Armed gangs led by political parties in power are crawling on Karachi streets waiting for army to move after them.

Do ack please and stay blessed.!/zaidzamanhamid

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