Why Iran cannot trust the US, West?

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Now we present you an interesting article on the real reason the US opposes Iran's peaceful nuclear programme, how the illegal US-European sanctions have become a blessing in disguise for the Islamic Republic, and why the US and the West should not be trusted.


Without the least doubt Iran has greatly benefited from the sanctions. These have forced it to develop its own local industries building anything from power plants to cars to toys. Without these sanctions, Iran had no reason to build such a large industrial infrastructure. Thus, the US officials are living in a fool's paradise, if they think Iranians can be beaten into submission and slavery. Well, Iranians are not. They are very well aware that US is broke and its war waging capabilities cannot even match that of 3rd century BC Afghan warriors with rusting AK-47s. Why should Iran be afraid of sanctions? There is no reason. With a quite extensive industrial infrastructure in Iran, the pain of sanctions is not as great as the western media wants its audience to believe. With time, Iran will replace the sanctioned items with local production and even these new sanctions will lose their traction in a year or two. This has been going on for the past 33 years now. Iranians know very well, that Americans are not their friends and will start killing them by millions if Americans get the chance. They have seen the so-called American compassion in Iraq – the US killed over a million people.

As Iranians have made it clear they are ready to talk with the West regarding their peaceful nuclear programme, but the trend of negotiations ought to change with respect for the Islamic Republic and recognition of its right produce and use enriched uranium within the rules and regulations specified by the NPT. If not, negotiations will not yield anything. There is a huge trust deficit between Iran and the West and this cannot go away by one or two meetings. Let's go over some of these trust deficits to understand the situation better:

Point no. 1- Western countries led by UK started to steal Iran's hydrocarbon reserves specially oil from 1901 and this oil was the only oil UK used during World War I and World War II. All royal navy ships and planes and trucks running in Europe, Africa or South Asia were being fueled by Iranian oil which Iranians never got paid for. In fact UK had nationalized Iranian oil in 1914 and all Iranian oil and gas had become property of the British crown forever. After Iranians tried to get it back, the UK with US help orchestrated operation Ajax. After this 'color' coup that placed the fugitive Shah back in power by removing Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddeq and his total nationalization of the oil industry, Iran was given some small share in oil revenues but still the biggest share holders in Iranian oil remained British, French and Americans.

Point no. 2- Western countries after the 1979 victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which cut their access to Iranian oil greatly, supported Saddam to invade Iran and play havoc with its economy through sanctions. This was more than revenge. It was being done to make sure, Iran would remain a poor country despite its oil wealth and stop Iran's technological progress. The US directly sided with Saddam and militarily attacked Iran on behalf of Saddam and since Saddam did not have a navy, the US navy was used to support him to the point that US shot down an Iranian civilian airliner killing 290 people including 66 children. In addition the West provided Saddam with WMD's which he used on Iranians making Iran the second largest victim of WMD in the world after Japan.

Point no. 3- Iran had paid tens of billions of dollars to American and British companies in the 1970's to supply it with numerous weapon systems such as Kidd class frigates, submarines, tanks and war planes etc. None of these reached Iran and neither the money was returned. On the contrary, the US and France continued to supply Saddam with helicopters and war planes and holding back Iranian purchased weapons during the war. This was being done to ensure Iranian defeat and humiliation. Today Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Dr. Sa'eed Jalili was a soldier in that war and he lost his right leg during the fighting. Today he walks to the negotiating table with leg prosthesis.

Point no. 4- Iran had paid 3 billion dollars to the then West Germany in 1976 to build two nuclear power reactors for the Bushehr Plant which the Germans never completed, despite being under obligation to complete under IAEA rules and NPT mandate which calls for nations with nuclear technology to help NPT members with all their needs. The Germans only erected some buildings and refused to work any further. They never returned the money and the Iranians had no choice but to approach the Soviet Union for the technology. The Soviets took advantage and got maximum benefits from the Iranians as well as the western countries by procrastination of the project. The project which was supposed to be finished by 1999 is not yet fully operational in 2013, that is, 14 years later.

Point no. 5- Iran had paid billions of dollars to France in 1970's to build a nuclear reprocessing plant in Iran which the French never did. Iran had also paid France to build the Darkhovin nuclear power plant, which, of course, the French never did. The Iranian paid reactors were instead installed in a French nuclear power plant and are now working there at the Graveline C nuclear power plant. Iran had also shared the costs of building the Eurodiff Uranium enrichment plant in which Iran owns 10% share to this day, and France had agreed to provide Iran with enriched Uranium from that plant as well as the transfer of technology for Uranium enrichment. Iran never got even one gram of enriched Uranium from France neither got its share money.

Point no. 6- Iran in the 1970's had invested in Namibia's Rössing Uranium mine, the world's third largest Uranium mine and to this day owns 15% of the mine with the government of Namibia holding 3%, South Africa holding 10% of shares and the Anglo-Australian corporation Rio Tinto having 69% of the shares. But as is the case, Iran still has not received a single gram of Uranium or any of the profits of the mine due to western pressures. Almost all of the Uranium taken out of this partly owned Iranian mine goes to the US and the EU and is used in their nuclear power plants or used to manufacture nuclear bombs with which they threaten Iran.

Point no. 7- The West is supporting terror inside Iran by financing the notorious terrorist outfit MKO, as well as other terrorist grouplets such as the devilish outfit that wrongly calls itself as Jundallah and operates from across the Pakistan border. This is being done despite the 1980 Algiers Agreement between Iran and the US, calling for end to American interfering in Iran's internal matters. The US has violated it and has kept interfering inside Iran. Now with unfair and illegal sanctions, the US is trying to arm twist other independent countries that are trading with Iran as well in order to make Iran subservient to western desires for plunder.

Point no. 8- The US has been attacking Iran using sanctions, proxies, terrorists, media agitation, economic warfare, smuggling of drugs from Afghanistan into Iran, cyber attacks, assassinations etc. All these instances are declaration of war against Iran. Fortunately for the US, the Iranians have been very restraint and have played cool. But this might not be the case in future.

Point no. 9- Iran has been losing its territory to western and other imperialist powers and interests like Russia and UK in the Caucasus, Central Asia, and Khorasan-Sistan-Baluchestan, since the beginning of the 19th century due to the bigger fire power of global imperialist powers. Iran still remains at risk today with so much terrorism against it and the fact that global imperialist powers openly talk about defeating Iran and breaking it up or encouraging secession from Iran. Under such serious threats, the only thing that guarantees peace from Iran's stand point is self-sufficiency including peaceful use of nuclear energy, without relying on other countries, in view of their record of breaching o their own commitments. The US is indeed a lunatic and aggressive power, whose president, as George Bush used to brag, is allegedly talked by God to invade other lands."

In view of this analysis, and on the basis of the calls for more and more of the illegal sanctions on Iran, despite Iran's readiness for talks, it is crystal clear that the US won't lift these mounting sanctions on Iran no matter what the Iranians do, since it does not the Islamic Republic to set the trend for leading the Muslim World towards self-sufficiency and complete independence. Also, the claim that the sanctions have severely hampered Iran’s ability to modernize its conventional weapons runs hollow since now Iran is almost self-sufficient in the production of all kinds of weapons. It produces its own submarines, missiles, the fastest boats in the world, various types of ships such as destroyers, torpedoes and even helicopters and drones. Analysts in the West say Iran has the 12th strongest military in the world and almost all its new weapons are produced indigenously. It is also obvious that the US has no policy of its own, and is being held hostage by the illegal Zionist entity called Israel. The amendment being considered by Congress is simply dictated by Israel in order to prevent any possibility of the resolution of the phony dispute with Iran. The entire sanctions regime on Iran is based on a house of cards built on lies. Iran has no nuclear weapons program and is not a threat to anyone. If there was any iota of wisdom in the White House, all these illegal sanctions would have been removed, instead of calls for more sanctions.

If more of these illegal sanctions are passed, the US will be unable to offer anything to Iran in return for whatever demands that it is making. Thus, this dispute will go on forever. As a result, since Iran's progress in science, technology and weapons cannot be stopped the US will soon be confronted with a very powerful adversary. As long as Israel rules the Congress, the former is the likely outcome to the detriment of the US. So, as some analysts point out: Why should Iran ever "negotiate" with the west when it clearly knows the sanctions are under lock and key with the senators and the US President cannot do anything about it? Iran knows that the sanctions will not be removed even if Iran demolishes all its nuclear sites and makes them ineffectual, because the US will find a thousand other reasons to berate Iran. Thus, any future meetings with Iran in the framework of the so-called P5+1 ought to deal with realities and not illusions. It is definitely not the way to extract positive results. Iran is suggesting in no uncertain terms that it is ready to help resolve all outstanding issues in the region. For instance, it has presented a peace plan in Syria, where the US is blindly following dictates by such strange bedfellow as the Saudis, Israelis and the Turks, to use terrorists to overthrow President Bashshar al-Assad. As long as undemocratic and dictatorial regimes like Saudi Arabia and Qatar are sending deadly arms to terrorists of all hue and color including al-Qaeda to destabilize Syria, while brutally crushing the peaceful calls of the Bahraini people for end to the repressive Aal-e Khalifa regime, it is absurd of the West to speak of democracy and human rights. All said and done, the villain of the peace is the US, while it is the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is determined to promote peace and understanding.

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