Poem on the auspicious birh of Imam Sadeq (AS)

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Once again we congratulate you on this occasion of double joy, and were we present you a poem on the 6th Imam by Iran's English language poet, Dr. Hassan Najafi

Creation’s mildest charms in you combined

As Reviver of the Prophet’s Sunnah glows your mind.

Serene over your bosom the Qur’an holds its state

With crystal clear aims, exceptionally great,

Lofty the house where angels inspired

Where celestial mirth, ethereal smile retired,

Beyond the vast meadows of thought

Who can estimate your toil which can’t be wrought,

Your name Ja’far, Truthful as Muhammad,

He was Sadeq, you also Sadeq, the Heir of Ahmad.

Your voice was heard; soft, clear and close,

At your feet springs of knowledge rose.

You the Heir of Ghadeer, reason you applied,

Qiyas, the legacy of Saqifa, you exposed as falsity reviled,

The Omayyads and the Abbasids faded at your light

You promulgated the Prophet’s path, dazzling and bright

The caliphate they stole and led people into wilderness

You gave Muslims life, meaning and sense.

You regulated them in Islam

And your jurisprudence restored the norm.

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