Common principles of Islamic denominations, abhorrence of violence

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Common principles of Islamic denominations, abhorrence of violence

Prominent Al Azhar University figures stressed commonalities of all Islamic denominations and their common abhorrence for violence and homicide.
Sheikh Ahmad al Tayyeb the grand Mufti of Al Azhar has met with Wolfgang Schquble, German Minister of Finance and founder of institute on dialogue with Islam, and stressed necessity of dialogue between different religions in line with expansion of coexistence and global peace.
He referred to Al Azhar enthusiasm for continuation of interfaith dialogues in an attempt to promote counter-terrorism campaign.

Ahmad Al Taryyeb referred to the visit by Pope Francis from Al Azhar and Egyptian figures meeting with the Vatican scholars as well as interfaith dialogues among religious figures in different countries as the prominent steps taken by the Egyptian academy in line with boosting proximity of religions.

The cleric also hailed the launch of an electronic observatory over Takfiri fatwas (religious statements) among the influential measures made by Al Azhar to confront violence and extremism.

This is while Abbas Shouman, deputy of Al Azhar University, denounced the recent terror attack against a group of Christians stressing that realization of peace and global security and confrontation with terrorism depend upon solidarity and cooperation of different religions.

He said,” All Islamic denominations unanimously believe in monotheism and five tents of Islam”

He referred to Islam’s banning homicide and theft and that with a majority of common beliefs among all Islamic denominations, the differences remain in minor issues which do not harm Muslims.

Egyptian Sunni scholar noted that Al Azhar University does not have any problems in its relation with churches and that the academy believes in capability of all religions to contribute for realization of peace and security through solidarity and cooperation.

Abbas Shouman stressed the clear opposite stance of Al Azhar against violence and extremism and will firmly stand against allegations.

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